What is a Capricorn?


The Capricorn is the goat sign, and these are people that are goal oriented and they are very strong and disciplined in all that they do. They face challenges head on, and they are always looking to better themselves. They are often quiet, but they are leaders, and they are dedicated to their responsibilities. They are not people that take shortcuts in life.

Different routines that the Capricorns have can burden them and can cause them to feel that their life is challenged and so they often overcome these by finding new things to do. A Capricorn feels that their relationships should be easy, and they are dedicated in their life.

Facts About the Capricorn:

  • Born between December 22 and January 19
  • Take on the earth element.
  • They are a Cardinal quality.
  • They represent the colors black and brown.
  • Their super day is Saturday.
  • They are ruled by the planet Saturn.
  • Compatible with Cancer and Taurus.
  • Their lucky numbers are 4, 8, 13 and 22.

Mythology of the Capricorn

This sign is one that was created by the Greek god. It is a sea-goat named Pricus. This was a unique looking figure, and it could talk and think like any man, even though it was a goat.

Cronos, the Greek god blessed him to live forever and to be able to turn time back. He bore many children and they learned to understand the land. He would tell them to not stay on earth long and he was very intelligent.

Pricus would change time and would lecture his children on the dangers of not listening. They would do things wrong and he would change the time, but he finally realized that no matter how many times he changed time that they would be destined for their fate.

He asked death to come to him, but Cronos refused him this and said he would never take away his immorality with death and he would let him only live on the stars instead of on the earth.

Personality Traits

A Capricorn is both men and women and they are very reliable people. They often do things alone and they are not always sociable.

They achieve a lot in their life, and they are very successful, but they do not follow pride or try to seek out attention from others.

Sea goats are different, and they grow and love life. They want to experience new things and they will never let things come between them and their loved ones.

The negative parts of the Capricorn are that they are challenging, and they guard against their heart being broken and so they are hard to be friends with.

They are loyal and emotional, and they love to be sexual and close to those that they love. They have a passion for life and anything that they can put their hands to. They are always looking for people to be in their life, but they don’t want to be with people that compromise themselves and that they cannot be close to.


A Capricorn is a hard working and self-reliant person. They are sometimes unforgiving, and they seem to know it all, but they love their family, and they love to follow things like tradition. They dislike almost everything at one point or another in their lives and they strive on things they do like.

Love and Relationships

A Capricorn is not flexible about who they are with. They will not compromise even small things and they feel unique and different. They feel that they are not ever good in their relationships and so it is hard for them to set relationship goals.

They are dedicated in the goals that they set for themselves, but they often set high goals with their relationships, so they have a hard time keeping their heart strong and believing people that they meet.


The most compatible sign with the Capricorn is the Cancer. This is a person that is also very emotional, and they can relate to other people well.

The Capricorn will end up talking to the Caner and will forget all of their problems. If the relationship works out well, they will give each other strength and they will finally meet someone that challenges them just perfectly and mirrors them in their soul.


Capricorn’s are dedicated and they want to reach all of their goals. They have a hard time trusting other people and they are devoted beyond anything to what they do in their life.

They influence people that they meet, and they are confident. If you marry one, make sure that you are willing to meet their needs and that you have what they need such as:

  • Maturity
  • Loyalty
  • Positive outlooks
  • Truthfulness
  • Love family
  • Love different interests

You can expect your Capricorn to be reliable and to be there for you in any instance that you need them.