Debunking Myths of Empaths

Myths of Empaths

Do you ever have strong emotions and you wonder if you are an empath? But at the same time do you hear the different myths and stereotypes about them and feel like you never fit that kind of person?

Here are some things to ask yourself:

  • I thought I might be an empath but I’m an extrovert. Does that mean I’m not one?
  • Empaths are often depressed and I’m sensitive but normally happy, does that mean I’m not an empath?
  • I’m super logical but empaths are said to be creative. Does that mean I can’t be one?

Being an Empath

If you feel that you are an empath and you don’t fit into those myths and stereotypes, it doesn’t mean that you aren’t one. If you are someone that runs out of energy fast, or someone that picks up on emotions quickly or is exhausted after spending time in large crowds, you still might be an empath.

Debunking Myths About Empaths

Here are some myths about empaths:

  • All Empaths Are Introverted

This isn’t true. Some empaths are introverted, and some are extroverted. This depends on your personality. Some people need to spend more time alone so that they can get their energies back and this is because they love people so strongly.

  • Empaths Don’t Fit In

It is common for an empath to not fit in and to feel like they don’t belong, but this doesn’t happen to all empaths. Some are very involved in things such as activities at work, activities at school, family activities and organizations.

Empaths try to fit in so that they can get positive energy from people, and this helps them to be stronger and not to be so overwhelmed.

  • Empaths Don’t Make A lot of Friends

Empaths don’t make friends with people that are false or those that are full of drama, normally. This happens because they don’t want to be cliquey, and they want to find people that are going to be good for them. They will make different friends as they go through life.

Sometimes empaths have friends that play in the same activities that they do or those that work in the same places. These friends can be different from a business person to an artist. They can have friends from all groups of people in life.

  • Empaths Only Create

Empaths are considered to be sensitive and so they often are more artistic than other people. This doesn’t mean that all that they do is create things. Some empaths work in the health field industry because they want to help others.

An empath can work at any job and their brains can still be creative. Most of the time empaths are more willing to discuss different things and to make discoveries.

  • Empaths Spend Most Time Being Depressed

An empath can be depressed especially if they don’t know how to control the emotions that they pick up. When they are around people that are sad or angry a lot, this can make them feel the same feelings and wear them down. Sometimes, that leads to depression.

An empath can be misdiagnosed with depression because of the feelings that they are picking up and as long as the empath learns to keep the negative feelings in check, they don’t have to worry about being depressed.