Letting Go of Someone You Care For

Letting Go of Someone You Care For

When you find yourself having to end a relationship it can be challenging especially if you really care about the person that you’re with. This could be someone that started as a friend and you dated, and you don’t want to hurt their feelings, or it could be that you no longer have feelings of romance or love for them. Whatever the reason, breaking up needs to be something that is done in the right way so that you can spare their feelings as much as you can.

Some people stay in relationships way longer than they should because they don’t know what their life would be like if that person wasn’t there. Even if there isn’t love, they feel that they would have a hard time without them. This is unfair to both people.

Being in an unfulfilling relationship can be unhealthy for you and your partner and if you are honest with them that is the best thing for everyone in the situation. You might even get a chance to be friends later if you handle the situation right.

Here are some ways to let go of someone that you care for!

  • Be Honest

Be honest about what you want and what you need. Do you feel good and happy about the relationship that you’re in? Why are you still staying with them? Sometimes people stay and will plan on leaving after a holiday or after a vacation that was planned or after a birthday. When they are living together, this makes things even more complicated because one has to find a new place to live.

Breaking up is never easy and it hurts, and life will change, and this has to be known and understood. Even if you have fear of being alone, or fear that you’ll never find someone again, staying in a relationship that you aren’t happy in is only hurting you and your partner.

You can love someone and not be in love with them and sometimes that is why people stay in relationships for so long.

  • Talk Privately

Don’t take your partner out in public to tell them how you feel. Be kind and find a place that is quiet. Take a walk in the park together or do it in a quiet neighborhood or at home when no one is there. You should have private conversations when you are breaking up with someone and in a restaurant, it would be too loud and distracting. This is also a chance that your partner is going to be able to express their feelings as well.

If your partner is abusive or gets angry and lashes out though, doing it in public might be safer for you.

  • Don’t Surprise Them

Instead of breaking up with them out of nowhere, let them see that things in the relationship aren’t working out. Keep telling them about your feelings and telling them that you need to have a serious conversations about things. This can give them a heads up that something might not be right.

  • Speak the Truth

Speak the truth and be honest with your partner. Don’t ghost them and don’t avoid them because you’re afraid of hurting them. Make sure that you break up with them in a kind and civil way. This allows them to grieve over the relationship and move on without being confused. Be direct and stay positive. Tell them how much you enjoyed being with them but that you need to move on.

If you need to have note cards in front of you to really say your feelings because you get tongue tied or you have a hard time saying what you mean, that is okay. Tell them why the relationship didn’t work out for you and why you aren’t happy.

Let them know that you aren’t wanting to hurt them, but you need to be honest with them because you realize things aren’t working out.

  • Be Sensitive to Them

It is important to be kind to your ex even after you breakup. This is someone that you should have a love for. Of course, you should not text or call them or they might not think that the breakup is real. Don’t give them mixed signals and don’t ghost them but be clear that the relationship is over.

Keeping your distance after a breakup is a good idea so don’t go to the same places that you expect your ex to be. Let them have their free time away from you without bumping into you with someone else you are dating.

Also be mindful of them on social media. Don’t post pictures of you and your new partner unless you unfollow them. This can be hurtful to them all over again.