Using Karmic Cleansing

Creatively Minded

When you use karmic cleansing, it means that you are getting rid of things out of your life that cause you to have karmic debt. There are both positive and negative things that you do, and these things will come back to you.

One thing about karma is that it’s often misunderstood but it is one of the best things about Buddhism. Rather you agree with karma or not, karmic cleansing is a concept that is often shared by people that believe in karma and is a great way to learn your life lesson while bettering your life.

Buddhists feel that karmic cleansing has to have some kind of change of heart and an action that allows you to fix the mistakes that you’ve made in your past. This is debt that could have accumulated over the span of your life.

Karma is sometimes seen as something negative, but the truth of karma is that it just is giving you back what you put in. Karmic cleansing can free you from the past experiences and ideas that you’ve had that were negative and can help you to live a better life in the future.

Using Karma and Cleansing

Karma says that whatever you give you will get, or you will “reap what you sow.” This is simple and easy to understand and if you want to cleanse your karma then you need to do more good than bad to make up for the karma you have gained. That is how karma cleansing works.

Here are some things that you can do that are positive to help you cleanse your karma!

  • Be Creatively Minded

Change the way that you think and how you look at the world around you. Be constructive and choose to see the good in people instead of the negative all the time. As you take action to do better, you will see that you can love yourself and others.

  • Be Humble and Kind

Everything that is around belongs to the universe and is not really yours. The things that come to you are still never going to be totally yours and once you understand this you will be able to see that you should be thankful for the things that you have to use right now.

  • Take Responsibility for You

You have to learn to be responsible for the things that you’ve done and not to blame everyone else for things that have gone wrong in your life. If something bad has happened, take responsibility for why it happened.

Look at the mistakes that you’ve made and take responsibility for them without blaming everyone else. As you become more responsible you will have less karma to pay back later.

  • Law of Connection

There is a Law of Connection that says that everything that there is has a link to the universe. To get rid of negative karma and do a karmic cleansing, you have to realize that everything that you do affects the world around you.

When you want to speak negatively to someone or give your opinion about things that aren’t about you, this can cause you negative karma because it isn’t your place to share these things sometimes.

  • Embrace Growth

All the things that you do involve some kind of growth if you’re going to move forward. Since things are always changing, see this as a blessing and a chance for you to grow and to become better. If you resist change, then you will have more karma and if you accept change then you will have less karma.

  • Focus on Your Goals

Start focusing on your goals and how you can better your life for the future. Doing this gives you peace and harmony and can make peace with your karmic debt. Focus on what you need to do now to make your future better for you and then do it. Celebrate small goals that you reach.

  • Be Giving

You don’t have to give a lot to be giving. You also don’t have to give physical things, but you can give your time and energy to help those that are in need. You will be rewarded for your giving even if it means just being satisfied with helping others.

  • Look at the Now

Stop focusing on the past and look at the present. The present is what is most important in your life now and the place that you can live your best life. The things that are in front of you are valuable to you and if you take action to do your best then you will see that you can grow and you can become something you want to be.

  • Law of Change

The Law of Change says that if you make the same decisions over and over again then you will never change, and you won’t ever become better. You have to make different decisions and then you have to take action to make better choices.

  • Have Patience

The Law of Patience tells you that everything takes time and once you realize that things don’t always go the way that you want them to right now, you can cleanse your karma and you can trust that things will be right when they are meant to be.

  • Inspire Yourself and Others

Your mind, spirit and body are working towards the goal of being your best self. Be inspired and commit to what will better your life. Do what you can to make things happen and let the universe help you to be more inspired and more creative.

Final Thoughts

No one is going to live a perfect life and to be able to avoid all mistakes but if you have respect for the universal laws and for the Law of Karma then you will see that you can reach your growth and you can live your best life. Buddhists believe that karma cleansing can help you to stay centered and grounded and that this will put you on the path of growth and evolution.