Psychics and Yes or No Answers

People often go to a psychic because they are in some kind of bad emotional state, and they need help. The psychic understands this and knows that you are on some kind of budget and so they will try to give you as much information and take as much information that they can in that time so that you can afford to speak to them. Sometimes this makes it hard for the psychic to get the messages that they need.

You might want a psychic to give you a quick yes or no answer and even though it sounds like an easy plan, the truth is that all psychics aren’t the same and sometimes they are given messages differently in the spirit world.

If a psychic gets a message that is cryptic, chances are that it will take them time to interpret the information. They know that your time is important, and they don’t want to waste it. Sometimes though a client will think that the psychic is wasting their time because they are taking so long to answer when the truth is that they are just trying to figure out the right answer for you.

A psychic is there to try and help you with whatever you are asking them to help you with and some will use different kinds of tools such as cards or crystal balls, but this doesn’t mean that they can give you the yes or no answer that you want as fast as you want it.

Some of the most common questions people ask are:

  • Have I met my soulmate yet? The psychic might answer by telling you, “Yes but you aren’t very close to them yet.”
  • Am I in a relationship that will workout well? The psychic might answer by telling you, “Yes but you have to get away from someone that is negative in your life.”
  • Am I with a partner that is cheating? The psychic might answer by telling you, “Yes but it is because they are losing focus on you and the relationship.

Nothing makes a psychic happier than to be able to give you the answer that you are hoping for, but life is not always that easy. Sometimes you will get a psychic that is not able to give you the yes or no answer that you want because they work on a deeper level. You may be able to find one that is able to connect better with you to give you the answer that you are hoping for in a faster way.

A psychic is like a radio. They pick up the sounds around them and sometimes the sounds are loud and clear and other times the sounds are muffled, and they aren’t sure exactly how to make them out. It isn’t like the psychic is able to call someone from the spiritual world to get the answer that you want. They are there with their gifts to help you, but you have to allow them to give you the answers that you want in their own way.

Don’t get upset and don’t be discouraged when the answers don’t come to you as fast as you want them to come. Allow yourself to have a “but” answer and to follow up with whatever information that you are getting. A but answer is not the end of the world, and it can help you during your time of growth.

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