Is Déjà Vu Tied to Reincarnations


When you feel like you have seen or experience something before, despite never actually being in a particular situation you are navigating a phenomenon known as Déjà Vu or “already seen.”  This feeling can be triggered by any of your five senses and has happened to us all at least once or twice during our lifetime.

Various TV shows and movies like to explain Déjà Vu as a glitch in our internal system as if we were in a simulation that we searching to escape.  In reality, Déjà Vu is probably connected to our past lives in some manner.  In particular, there is a theory that it relates to our cellular memory where our brain in not the only place capable of storing memories.  In cellular memory, the cells that comprise our physical body can remember various experiences including our motivations, drives, desires, and particular wants or needs.  In spirituality, cellular memory governs vital information from our previous lives.  When we experience Déjà Vu, we are actually receiving hints about decisions we might have made in a previous life and should avoid in this current incarnation.

Although it can be frustrating to experience Déjà Vu, when viewed through the lens of reincarnation you are empowered to harness those memories and transcend time to ward off the triggering effects to learn critical lessons needed in this lifetime.  Strive to be more receptive to moments of Déjà Vu and notice how it becomes easier to traverse the memories that arise and how your conscious is able to grow with each experience.

Regardless if Déjà Vu is actually connected to reincarnation, it goes provide the sense of experiencing something greater than your physical self.  Should you ever feel like you don’t belong in this world or era, and are better suited for another, Déjà Vu allows you to process these memories to see your current choices more objectively.  Then the power shifts and facilitates you have greater control over creating your destiny and achieving the life you desire.