Understanding Your Past Life Regression

Past Life Regression

Do you sense that you have been somewhere before, or do you have a strange connection with someone that you have just met? This can be part of your past life experience that you are seeing before you now. Past life regression can help you to figure out what happened in your life or lives in the past and help you to understand who you are and where you came from.

Do You Believe in Past Lives?

Some people believe that you have lived multiple lives and others don’t. This has to do with reincarnation and there are different beliefs and theories on this. The basic idea behind it is that when a soul dies, they go into another being or another body and that the soul has never been dead. This means that they can have lived many other lives and lifetimes.

Many take comfort in the fact that they have lived a past life, but this can also be uncomfortable for people that don’t understand it. If you are confused about why things keep coming up, past life regression can help you to be able to understand the lives that you lived before.

Many religions believe in past life, and this is often called a religious idea and is popular in secular religions and Western ideology.


In Buddhism, they believe that the past lives that people have affect who they are today. Buddha believed that when someone lived a good life that they would be reincarnated until they were able to reach their ultimate goal of enlightenment or Nirvana so that they could reach their higher destination and stop reincarnating.


In Hindu believes, Hindus believe that there are infinite lives that a person will live. The soul is considered unable to die and the only way that you can change your life is by living a better life.

How to Know If You Had a Past Life

People that believe in reincarnation wonder how they could figure out if they had a past life. Some people are new souls, and this means that they have just started their lives. Others have had other lives, and some have had many.

These past lives can impact a life and can make you have strange feelings such as feeling like you belong somewhere else, watching things around you that seem familiar and meeting people that you feel like you have known forever.

Some will have dreams that give them deeper feelings and these dreams will have experiences that are tied to their past life.

Knowing Others in the Past

The times that you have had in your past lives would be times that you have met other people. You can look for deep ideas and connections that you might have with people that you meet. This can be someone in your family or a stranger that you have just met on the street. All of these things are impactful to who you are and have to do with your past life.

Who Were You?

Those that are interested in past lives often want to know who they were in their past lives. They want to know if they were in a foreign land or if they spoke a different language. They want to know what good things they did and what bad things they did. This is where past life regression comes in.

Past Life Regression Therapy

Past life regression therapy is a hypnotic therapy that is meant to help the person go back to their past life and find out who they were. This is done when they are able to get past the subconscious mind and go deeper.

Sometimes when people get this kind of therapy, they are able to go deep into their life and to remember things that they were connected with in their past life. Here are some things that happen in past life regression therapy:

  • The therapist will try to help you to be calm and in a peaceful environment. They want you to meditate and be comfortable and to get rid of your mental clatter.
  • The main idea of this is to get rid of the things that are happening in your mind now and to bring you to ap lace where you can figure out what happened in your past.
  • Calming the mind is important and to have a meditative mindset. This can help you to be quiet and to get rid of internal talking.
  • Putting a psychic shield around you is one thing that the therapist will do. This will keep you safe from any energies that aren’t good.
  • You will start to visualize things in your life, and you will find out if any memories come to you. Some therapists will ask you to look for a door in your mind and then to go through it.
  • Going into your past life might be fast and you need to make sure that you are prepared. Once you go through that door, you will likely disconnect with your body now and will go into a dreamlike area.
  • Look around you and find out if you see something that is different to you. Notice any smells, sights, sounds, or images that you see. Take it all in and remember it.
  • Once you come back to yourself, you can write down all of the things that you felt. You will spend this time coming back slowly and you will see that your energies will come back to you.

Why Get Past Life Regression Therapy?

Past life regression therapy can help you to know if you have trauma from your past. Maybe you were abused, or something happened that caused you to have some kind of phobia. You can go into your past life and find out the things that have caused you to have to deal with challenges that you face now.

Getting this kind of therapy is meant to help you to be able to cope with things that are going on around you and to help you to heal into your life now.

Risks of Past Life Regression Therapy

There are not many risks with past life regression therapy, and it is mostly a healing situation. The only risks that usually come with this is bringing up things that you didn’t know happened that could be bad. These truths could be hard for you to face, and it could make you want to be unconnected.

The past lives that you have had can teach you interesting things about who you were and where you came from. If you want to connect with your past self, then you will be able to understand your new journey a little more and why you are how you are.

Final Thoughts

Past life regression therapy can help you to know more about who you are and where you came from. If this is something that you are interested in, find a therapist close to you and find out what you need to do to get this done.