Reacting to Your Psychic Child

Reacting to Your Psychic Child

If you have a child that is psychic, you might be worried about how to handle this. Some parents get overly stressed over this because they don’t understand psychic gifts. Once you can learn to understand your child and where they are coming from, you can start to help them to develop their gifts instead of being upset about them.

Traits of a Psychic Child

Here are some things that your child might have if they are psychic:

  • Being very creative.
  • Have a strong imagination.
  • Overly sensitive.
  • Dream often and vividly.
  • Very empathetic.
  • Have aches or pains that are not explainable.
  • Doesn’t sleep well.
  • Often has sensory overload.

Does your child just seem to know things without having any real reason to know those things? Or do they have an imaginary friend or tell you that they are talking to someone that has already died? This can mean that they are psychic and that they have natural gifts of being able to connect with energies. They might have strong intuition, and this can be something that can be confusing to some parents.

It is important as a parent that you are there for your child, no matter what. You need to make sure that they are protected and that you are building up their gifts. You need to look at their gifts as different and exciting even if they are something you don’t really understand.

Being Creative

Children that are very creative might be able to draw out of this world pictures and they might be able to talk in a way that is more like an adult than a child. They also can have imaginary friends or very strong imaginations.

Stress and Anxiety

Sometimes a child with these gifts will get stressed out easier than others. This happens because they don’t know how to understand their gifts and when others talk to them, they don’t understand the child’s gift either. They often feel out of place.

Overly Sensitive

A psychic child might be very sensitive. They might have a hard time with loud music or with strong smells. They also might have sensitive emotions.  These children often have allergies.

Dreaming Vividly

The psychic information that a child gets will often come in the form of dreams. This can be good dreams or even nightmares.

Very Empathetic

A child that is a psychic might have empathetic feelings for others. They will be there for people that are sad, and they love animals. This can mean that they love to meet new people, but they can pick up their emotions and empathize with them.

Aches and Pains

Some children are sensitive to the world around them, and this means that they might experience aches and pains that are unexplained. This sometimes happens to psychic children because they are so sensitive.

Changes in Emotions

Psychic children often have strong emotions, and their emotions can change fast. They can go from happy to sad quickly and this is because they pick up the emotions of others and it can affect them.

Don’t Sleep Well

Psychic children will often have a hard time sleeping. This happens because they have strong dreams and sometimes even nightmares. They will have dreams that are very vivid and sometimes when the room is too quiet or too dark, it can affect how they feel.

Past Life Memories

Children that have past life memories that you have no idea where they come from can mean that they have actually lived a past life. This can mean that they have knowledge of a different time in their life that you don’t have any clue about.

Sensory Overload

Sensory overload happens to children that are psychic because they are very sensitive. The world is constantly trying to communicate with these children, and it can make them feel overwhelmed.

Loving Your Psychic Child

When you have a child that is psychic, you need to learn to love them and help them to develop their gifts. It is important that your child feels that you approve of them and that you love them. Making your child feel loved is the most important thing that you can do to make them have a healthy and happy life.

Ask Questions

If you have a psychic child, ask them questions. Ask them things about their gifts and what they are feeling. Don’t judge them but give them time to share their thoughts and feelings while you listen and understand.

Judging Them

Never judge your child negatively for what they are feeling. Be kind and loving and make sure that you find out what kind of gifts that they have. Don’t be afraid because they are different. If your child tells you something, listen to them and allow them to express themselves to you.


Listen to what they are telling you and don’t tell them that they are wrong. Do not look at their experiences and give them feelings that you don’t believe them or that you are judging them.


This can be a great time to find your child a mentor. Even though this might be hard, looking online for psychic mentors can help you to find someone that can help you to understand your child and help them.

Teach Mindfulness

You can teach your child to be mindful of what is going on in their life. Help them to focus on their present and to get rid of their anxiety. Let your child enjoy the moment and do things with them like crafts and reading. Teach them to meditate and to do things like yoga.


Help your child to stay grounded by doing grounding techniques.  You can help your child to connect to the earth around them and this can help them embrace their abilities. Doing this outside is good and you can do it barefoot or by a tree. Allow them to imagine a root growing from the ground to their body.

Imagine a Bubble

Get your child to imagine a bubble surrounding them. This can be a bubble that is there to keep them safe and to help them to visualize their protection. Tell them to imagine the bubble surrounding them anytime they get worried or feel negativity around them.

Get Creative

Let your child get creative and get creative with them. Do things like make up some songs or paint a picture. You can let your child express themselves in any way they want to that is positive.

Night Spray

You can find a nighttime spray that can help to keep the negative energies out. Mix up some Himalayan pink salt, lavender, sage and chamomile. You can put a crystal in the bottle and spray it around the room to get rid of negativity.

Understanding Your Psychic Child

Some people get stressed because their child is psychic, but you can learn to support your child. Help them to develop their gift and make sure that you are keeping a healthy relationship with them. Your biggest challenge is to raise your child to be a confident adult!