The Path of the Mystic, Ensoulment

The Path of the Mystic, Ensoulment

Many religions look at the spirit while others look at the soul. The soul is part of the spirit, and it is an earthy and sensual part. The soul is the feminine energy while the spirit is considered the masculine energy.

A person needs to have both feminine and masculine energy to connect with their soul. If you want to connect with the soul, you have to have the path of the mystic and go towards the light.

Understanding the Soul

The soul is something everyone has. The soul is the part of you that is the emotional part or the part of you on the inside that you carry. It is the part of your spirit that works in the earthly form. The soul is like a lens that the spirit works through.


Ensoulment means that you are part of the soul. This means that you are in the process of reaching your own soul and being part of it. Ensoulment can be something that happens now and also in the future. It is a time where you will live your life and you will reach your higher self.

Ensoulment is part of your spiritual journey and is part of understanding your life and where you are going. The original world of ensoulment was part of religion where the fetus gets a soul, but this article is using it as the part of you on the inside that works with your spirit.

What is Soul Loss?

Soul loss is something where you neglect yourself and you are obsessed or addicted to things o the world. This happens and causes there to be suffering. This follows different religious traditions, and this is when your inner man is tortured and where you feel that your mind is not correct. This can be a time where your mind is bothered by things around you.

Pain and Soul Loss

When you have soul loss and you are not connected to your soul, it can cause you to have pain. You will be someone that feels used of the world and feels like an object.

Here are some other things that can happen in soul loss:

  • You become deranged: This can lead to health problems such as eating disorders, mental illnesses, paranoia and more. You might also become abused by society or even have hate, suicidal thoughts or even murder.
  • Healing can come: This can come when you choose to take a different path. You have to walk with your mystic or the Bodhisattva. This can help you get past soul loss and fix your humanity.

Being a Modern Mystic

Ensoulment can happen inside of you and here are some ways that you know you are reaching your ensoulment:

  • You see your role on the earth.
  • You crave having a purpose.
  • You get depressed because you don’t know what your destiny is.
  • You go through your Kundalini Awakening.
  • You have a hard time fitting in.
  • Everything feels intense.
  • It is hard to find your tribe.
  • You want to reach your divine self.

When you reach this, you will bring purpose to your life. This is a time of self-discovery and a time when you will find out who you are.

What is Ensoulment?

Soul loss is something very hard and can lead to depression, addiction and violence. It can also lead to mental illnesses.

Being ensouled can mean that you are someone that is living their best life. It means you have overcome the ego and that you are able to get past your inner darkness. You become sensitive to what is going on around you and you become purpose driven. Here are some signs you are ensouled:

  • You are open and receptive.
  • You are devoted and compassionate.
  • There is a strong sense of purpose.
  • Unique gifts.
  • Intimacy.
  • Surrender to the present.
  • Reaching your higher self.
  • Honor creativity.
  • Embracing the mysteries of life.
  • Embrace the divine.
  • Move towards wholeness.
  • Balancing the soul.

Ensouled people are meaningful and know that they need a purpose. They have a connection to their higher self. They will be able to achieve whatever they need to do.

This is a slow journey and something hard to reach but it is worth it because you are always becoming better.

Reaching Ensoulment

How can you become ensouled? There are different paths that people take to find their purpose. You can commit to your soul, but you can also do things that can make you get to your ensoulment faster such as:

• Dancing.
• Being by yourself.
• Singing.
• Going out in nature.
• Finding a vision.
• Being devoted.
• Having self-love.
• Reaching beauty.
• Doing inner child work.
• Journaling.
• Painting.
• Drawing.
• Singing songs.
• Writing music.
• Making crafts.
• Gardening.
• Praying.
• Chanting.
• Sitting in silence.
• Meditating.
• Doing shadow work.
• Being mindful.

Doing these things can help you to reach your ensoulment and can help you to be more mindful. You can do gardening or chanting for example, and this will bring you peace and harmony. Going out in nature can help you to feel fulfilled and full of life.

Final Thoughts

All the things that you do in your life that are positive can help you to reach your ensoulment. This is the part of you that can become better and can reach a higher place.  This is where your heart finds its true direction and where you can embody your soul.

Ensoulment is something that is needed in a world that is dark. If you are suffering from soul loss, then you will see that going through your ensoulment will help you to be on the right track in your life. Think of your life in the bigger picture and see that the efforts that you take direct you towards your overall wellbeing.

Be true with yourself and find out what life has to offer you. Allow your soul to be open to new things and embrace peace and joy.