The Tarot Cards That You Hope to Never See

If you choose to get a tarot reading you need to know that you aren’t always going to get the reading that you hope to get. Rather you do your own tarot reading or someone else gives it to you, chances are that you will get insight on what your future holds, but the problem is that you will not always get the answers that you want.

Every real reader has had times where you get cards, and the cards show up that can be scary or can mean something negative in your life. This can be a struggle that you are going to have to face or something that you are going to have to deal with on the inside of you.

No matter how much you try to change it, sometimes a reading will be bad luck and will be a dark thing. When this happens, just be glad that you are prepared and hope that it doesn’t happen to you soon. Don’t be afraid of the cards but learn to be prepared.

Ten of Swords

The Ten of Swords card can be one that can mean that you are going to have something come to you that is a surprise but one that you are not going to be happy about.

This card has a man that is lying face down and has ten swords inside of his back. This can mean that you are going to miss out on something like a promotion at work or that you are going to have a relationship problem. It can mean something is coming your way that might not be good.

Sometimes it can mean though that something has already happened to you. Even though this is not a happy card, at least you can be prepared for what is to come.

Death Card

The Death card is one that people often hate to see but it does not mean a literal death like some believe. This card is often misunderstood, and people get scared because of the name of this card and the meaning behind it.

People often take this card too literal, and they don’t have the real meaning of it. The real meaning of this card can mean that something is going to change in your life. It can also mean that something is going to come to an end such as a relationship or something else. This can be something that will be painful for your emotions and your body.

Five of Pentacles

The Five of Pentacles card can mean that you are going to have financial problems in your future. It can mean that you are going to fail at a job venture or that you are going to face misfortune. It can also mean that you are going to go through poverty or even an illness that might cause you to lose your job.

If you suffered with something there will be people that are going to be around, you to help you and you can learn to work through things. You can either face it and work through it or give up. Let your guides help you and if you face problems do not let anxiety cause you more problems. Focus on what is going on and fix it.

Three of Swords

The Three of Swords card is one that can mean you are going to be betrayed or rejected. This can mean that you are going to go through painful heartbreak. This can be something that you are not expecting in your life.

The Three of Swords is often a card that will tell you that something is going to happen that is hard and it will be emotional for you. It can mean you are going to lose something that you love, or it can remind you that pain is coming.

The Devil Card

The Devil Card is a card that does not mean you are going to die and go to hell, and it has nothing to do with evil. It does tell you that something bad is going to happen in your life.

This can be something you become addicted to or something that you let take control of your life. Maybe you are doing something hurtful to yourself or you are around people that are not good for you. This is a warning that you need to make changes before it’s too late.

The Tower Card

The Tower card is a card that can be negative. It might make you scared, but you need to figure out how to be safe. There will be times that you need to change what is going on so that you can be safe. Change your expectations and do not be shocked when something happens to you.

You may have a loss of peace, or you might not have the harmony that you have had before. This can be a scary card and it can be something that comes along and changes your life. Be prepared for something to happen.


Even though these cards might seem scary to you, look at the advice and warnings that they give you and do what you can to change your circumstances. You can find ways to make sure that you are safe and prepared. Even though the cards might be negative, try to stay positive and see if that changes things.

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