Getting Rid of Karmic Relationships

Karmic Relationships

People have many questions when the words karmic relationship comes up. Karma is something that means taking good moral actions and karma is something that is intentional. As we understand karma, we have to understand that it is a lesson. Maybe we hurt those that hurt us, or we hurt them accidently.

Karma goes back beyond lifetimes, and it is continuous, and it is action that will build up in your life. The lessons we choose to learn from them are ones that can change us. We can choose to learn, or we can choose to not learn. We can make good decisions, or we can see lessons that we choose to beat us.  Many will fail and many will get stuck with lessons because they choose to be deceived instead of learning.

If you have to face karmic action, it can bring pain and suffering to you based on what you have done. It can put you in captivity and cause you to have a bad life. You might face abuse or neglect and your soul will keep repeating the lesson until you get it broken.

The lessons that you choose will help you to become stronger if you learn them and it will help to clear your karma. Sometimes there are even relationships that you go through that are not loving and these are karmic relationships. The suffering that you face is meant to be a lesson.

These karmic relationships don’t give you love but they only bring you pain. They will not last forever, but they will stay in your mind and life forever, especially if you never learn from it. Until your soul learns the lesson, there will be a repeat of these relationships.

When you learn to love yourself and others, you will get rid of karma. You will have an endless amount of karma and lessons until they are learned but afterwards, you become better. Your soul will take these lessons and the lessons will teach you to understand your dark side and to become balanced.

The karmic relationships that you have will leave after the lesson is learned and the karmic chain will be broken, freeing your soul. Even if you have faced trauma after trauma, you will have peace once this ends.

Karma is something that happens over a lifetime and as your soul goes through different lives and pasts, you will see that things happen. Each person you meet in your life is meant to be there. You will find good people and evil people and they will change your life in one way or another.

Karmic relationships make you have no power, and they cause you to lose things, but you can get this power back. Once you get the power back, you will be a better and stronger person. As your karma is cleared, you will learn your lesson and see that it is no longer repeating itself. Having relationships that last are not karmic relationships and even though there is pain, there will also be love. A karmic relationship is mostly pain and will be a hard lesson that you have to learn before the healing comes.

To heal from a karmic relationship, you have to learn to forgive the people that have hurt you and to set boundaries so that you don’t cross that path again. You have to get rid of the fear and face it head on. As your soul is taken captive in karmic relationships, you have to get your soul freed, and you have to have more power. You can take your power back, stand up to these relationships and clear your karmic state.

You don’t have to go from one karmic relationship to another. Once you learn your lesson and clear out your karma, you can move forward.