Reaching a Higher Vibration

Spiritual Awakening

There are seven levels of consciousness that you can reach in the universe, and these are part of your vibrations. As you go from one level to another, you will see that your idea of the universe becomes stronger.

The higher the consciousness that you have, the more that you can reach your inner self and become closer to your enlightenment.

Reaching Your Awakening

Have you ever been in a place in your life where things don’t feel right? Or you feel that you are all alone and you find that you aren’t able to feel normal? Maybe you have been asking yourself what you should do, or you question your very existence. This can mean that you’re ready to go through your spiritual awakening. This will change your life.

Going through your awakening will be like nothing you have ever done before. You will see that your life will go through different stages and as you work hard, you will see that you can reach your goals faster.

Understanding Spiritual Awakenings

When you raise your conscious thinking, this is your spiritual awakening. This is a term that talks about the experience of putting your ego away and being open to reality. This is when you are able to see yourself different and you don’t let your ego control you. This can be something that happens out of nowhere or happens because of something traumatic like a death or an end of a career. Once you go through your awakening, you will see that you aren’t really lonely, and that life really can be amazing.

A spiritual awakening is the start of your journey and once you go through it, you won’t feel empty anymore. If you lack money, power or if you are trying to find peace and happiness, you need to raise your vibrations.

Feeling Connected

One thing about your spiritual awakening is that you will be connected more to the world around you. You will see that everything that lives has a vibration, and you will have more empathy for it. The compassion that you feel for living things will change and will get stronger and you will know that you are connected.

When Will the Spiritual Awakening Happen?

A spiritual awakening can happen at any time. Sometimes you will expect it and other times you won’t even know it is coming. It will change your life and it will cause you to feel that things in your life no longer make sense. This is when the things that you used to believe in no longer matter. This can be part of your healing and your growth and can feel traumatic at times.

As your awakening happens, you will start to wake up and you will see that there is more to life than you ever imagined. You will see that your life is improving, and your vibrations will raise and will allow you to see things in a new way. The vibrations that you have will raise your conscious level.

The Amazing World

Going through this journey can help you to see how amazing the world around you is. It can bring you peace and joy and it can take away your anxiety and your worry. If you feel lonely or you are only able to focus on things that are happening right now, you will see that your awakening will help you to grow.

The awakening can come in different stages and here they are:

  • Stage One

This is the stage where you feel that you are sad or depressed or you feel lost. This is when the Dark Night of the Soul happens, and this is when you will feel that you are disconnected. You are looking for something better and you might feel empty for a while. This can happen when something traumatic happens or just out of nowhere.

  • Stage Two

In this stage your ideas and your perspective will change. You will start to see things in a different light. You might feel that your life is unhappy and hopeless, and you will see that the world around you isn’t as positive as you thought.

  • Stage Three

During this time, you will want to find answers and you will ask why you are here or what your existence really is. You will ask questions and you will search for your life purpose. You will want to find the meaning of life and you will seek answers.

  • Stage Four

As you begin to ask questions you will see that you can find out what you believe in and why you are suffering. You will find people around you that can help you to understand your life patterns and the experiences that you have went through. This is going to be the reality of your life and you will see your experiences take off.

  • Stage Five

Once again, you will start to feel lost during this stage. You will see that the awakening is a process, and you have to go through things over and over again in order to make it to the top. You might get tired, and you might find that the routines that you are following are boring and you want something more exciting. This is when you will start to connect with the universe and the divine, but you will go through a time of separation again and this can cause you to feel emotional, but you will be able to see your breakthroughs.

  • Stage Six

Inner work will happen during this time, and you will no longer feel pain, but you will be motivated to figure out what you need in your life. This will be when you will work on your shadow self.

  • Stage Seven

A time of joy will come in this stage and the lessons that you were meant to learn will be learned. You will start doing spiritual work and you will have changes that will bring you peace. You might decide that you want to find a mentor or a spiritual teacher at this time and this will happen along your way. You will stop judging others and yourself and you will feel peaceful.

What Happens During the Awakening?

Here are some things that you might experience during your awakening:

  • Vertigo: You will be sensitive and off balance.
  • Ears buzzing: Your ears might vibrate because of the increase of your vibrations.
  • Empathetic: You might feel that you are more empathetic to others and more compassionate.
  • Headaches: This is normal because you have such strong energy coming through you.
  • Skin rashes or irritations: During this time your body will be purging things out of it that are no longer needed and this can cause irritation.

Speaking the Truth

Your awakening will have you wondering about things that you believed in. You might feel that you’re confused, or you might not be sure that you belong, but you are called to this place. Look at where you were and where you are not.

Get Rid of Things

This can be a time that you want to get rid of things in your life that no longer serve you. You will find that things that are unhealthy aren’t attractive to you and your addictive behaviors will be purged.


At this time, you will find inner peace. This will replace the anger and sadness that you have had. You will see that you can recognize your feelings and you can be in control of them.


As you reach your spiritual awakening you will increase your intuition. You might start to see things like angel numbers or know that your spiritual guides are close to you. You will be able to feel things in the psychic world and you will recognize that this is something new.

Final Thoughts

The awakening can be hard to go through, but it can be different for each person. You will change and evolve, and this is important for bettering your life. Even though things can seem hard for a while, the experience that you have will be part of your journey and will be unique to your life.