When Love Forces You to Let Go

Love Forces You to Let Go

Love can come and go and sometimes people want to hold on to something that is no longer there. A broken heart is something that is hard to forget and when you have a real connection with someone and you love them, a broken heart can be devastating. Being human means that we bond with other people, and this can be a deep love that we feel. This can be someone that is your real soulmate and something that should last forever.

Since there is a connection to the emotions, soul, and the spirit, getting over a broken relationship can be hard. It can be hard to let go of this, but it can be something that you hold on to for years and years after the breakup.

Emotional Bonds

Emotional bonds can cause people that love each other to hold on to things like memories. These memories can be both good and bad, but they can bring loneliness when the relationship ends. If you are someone that goes back to these memories over and over, it can cause grief to set in. Some people might not ever be able to get past these bonds and when they can’t, it can cause them to go into a depression that is hard to get out of.

Then if they think even about dating someone else, they feel that they can never put themselves in that situation again. Logic will tell them that the relationship is over and that they need to let go but emotions can tell you to never let go of something that you have loved for so long.

Some believe that even after their heart is broken that they can go back together and that they will reunite. In truth though, most of the time these thoughts will just leave them feeling abandoned again and this will take away the joy and love that they had for a moment. This is just a dream to keep them moving forward but it can be a dangerous dream.

The best thing that you can do is to let go of the emotional bonds by loving yourself more and by having patience. Losing a person that you loved through a breakup can cause there to be hurt and it is important that you let yourself grieve like someone who has lost someone through death.

You have to come to the place though where you let this person go and you forgive them for hurting you. Find someone that you can talk to that will support you. Also, try wearing a rose quartz or keeping it close to you so that your heart can heal, and you can be free to find love again.

Soul Bonds

The soul bond is also a problem after a breakup. These connections can be hard to separate and when you are bonded to someone like this it can be one that is always tuned in. This can cause there to be emotions that aren’t wanted. A soulmate will sense the feelings of another soulmate if they are in danger or if they are in some kind of hurt. This can come as a dream or in other ways and it can be hard to deal with.

Some soulmates will have dreams over and over again after they have broken up with their soulmate. These are desires that come with the hope of reconciling the relationship. This can be another hurtful things that you experience.

Most of the time these bonds are so strong that they can be hard to break. If you want to be at peace though, you have to figure out how to let go. Someone that is loyal will have a harder time breaking these promises even after the relationship is over and they will want to rescue that person and take on their karma even if they are the one that was hurt.

This is a loyalty that can be too hard to face and to take care of and you have to let the energy of this go. Cutting cords can be easy if you are a psychic healer but if you aren’t, you need to talk to someone and get deep spiritual healing to help you through it. Sometimes you might have to cut the cords more than 20 times a day in order for the cords to really be broken.

Spirit Bond

A bond that is there between soulmates is a spirit bond. This is a link that bonds you with someone that is meant to be your soulmate. This can even be a bond that goes across dimensions. The promises that you make with this person is there and even after the relationship is over, it can still feel like the love is there. This can result in a type of disconnection, heartache or even abuse that you face because of it.

The best thing that you can do for yourself and for others is to forgive them, accept that the relationship is over, detach and let your heart heal. This is the only way, through letting go, that you can have total peace in your life.