Having an Ex That Misses You

Ex That Misses You

Some people want to get their exes back even after a hard breakup. It takes a while before an ex will miss you and this can be even up to a few months. This often comes when you put out signals that you are ready to move on.

When you want to know if an ex is missing you, there are certain behaviors that you will have to look at.

Here are some things that can prove that your ex is missing you:

  • They admit they miss you.
  • They ask you out.
  • The bring up emotional memories of the times that you were together.
  • The respond to your texts quickly.
  • They have long conversations.
  • They dream about you.
  • They text you during odd times.
  • They stalk your social media.

When your ex is missing you, it might take time and you might not ever feel like those things above are ever going to happen. Usually after most breakups, an ex will avoid you and not try to be around you.

Ex Ideas

Sometimes an ex will have ideas that they are ready to move on and as they go through the cycle of missing you, here are some things that can happen before the breakup even happens in the first place:

  • They begin to realize they are lonely.
  • They find you and things are great.
  • Your behavior makes them change their feelings about you.
  • They think about leaving you.
  • They decide to leave you.
  • They are happy they left the relationship because things are good right now.
  • They become lonely and get depressed.
  • They wonder what happened and why the relationship didn’t work.

This is a cycle that they can go through with you and with other people that they breakup with until they decide what they really want.

What Causes Them To Leave?

Depending on what causes your ex to leave can depend on when or if they will want you back. Sometimes their relationship style will cause them to not be able to be close to people and this can cause them not to be able to make a real commitment.

Someone that is avoidant style, for example, might have a hard time being romantic and they might be emotionally unavailable and so even when they miss you, they might not have an easy time coming back because they know that they can’t get close to you anyways.

Learning to Wait

Sometimes you can wait, and your ex will decide that they want you back. You have to decide if that is what you really want. Once your ex realizes that they miss you, they will start working to get you back. This often happens once they realize that you are ready to move on and then they might start to really miss you.

No Contact

One way to speed up the process of your ex missing you is to use the no contact rule. This means that you take at least 30 days to not contact them in any way. This can cause them to focus on the times that you had together and the memories that you shared and allows them to see that they are starting to miss you.

Moving On or Staying

It is up to you to decide if you are going to get back with an ex after a breakup. When they decide that they miss you, you need to decide if the relationship was healthy and if it is worth getting back together.

Always weigh your options and make sure that you aren’t going to go through the same type of heartbreak again and again.