Everything You Need to Know About Astrology


Thousands of years ago people would look up to the sky and see where the stars and moon were. They would know how to travel based on the celestial bodies. Many would record these things and the recordings are thousands and thousands of years old. Astrology is the oldest type of psychic giftings that has been around.


Astrologers are people that give readings to help others know their traits and to improve their life. They can look into what the future might hold, and they can do this by understanding where the stars are positioned.

They also can take someone’s birthdate and they can know where the planets were at that time, and they can know what kind of traits that person will have.

Why Is Astrology Important?

People always want to know what is going on in their life and in the world and horoscopes are very popular. People will come back and find out things about their life, career, romance, and their families based on the stars and the help of an astrologer.

Sun Sign

People look into astrology, and they often ask things such as what is “my sign?” and this refers to the place where the sun was situated when they were born.

The sun can be part of 12 different signs of the zodiac and the sun will pass through each sign in about a month. This is called a solar season and that is how they read the horoscope.

Special Signs

Once you learn your sun sign you have to understand why it is interesting. There is a ruling element and a ruling planet that tells us more about how the world works. People that know their sun sign know their ruling planet and element. For example, the Pisces sign is part of the planet Neptune and part of the element water. This tells more about why they have specific moods and feelings.

Birth Chart

When you talk about astrology, your sun sign will be one of the things that is mentioned most. Astrologers do not always know about other signs, but each person can learn more based on their sun sign.

Your birth chart will tell you when the planets, moon and sun fell on that day of your birth, and this is where you get your zodiac sign. The astrologer can make a chart for you and help you to know mor about yourself.

You can get more information about yourself based on your sun sign. This sign can sometimes not work with what you believe in with your own character and traits, but your behaviors can change based on free will.

There are thirteen signs, and it might be overwhelming to try to fully understand your sun sign and it takes time for you to learn these things. Take time to learn the basics and find out what your astrologer can tell you about your life based on your birth chart.

One thing that you can remember is that the planets that are closer to the sun will influence how you live your life and what talents you have.

Astrology and Love

People often look at their astrology to find their love. They will seek things in their love life that will give them answers about who they should date.

Your birth chart will not really tell you as much about your romance as you would think but there is a connection between your signs and your romantic life and who you are attracted to. There are different signs that will help you to know your partners compatibility based on your birth chart.

This can also use your personal experiences and you need to let astrology just give you an answer as to where your desires and sexuality come from but also base your life on free will.

Astrology will not tell you about your future love life it will just tell you what makes you compatible with someone.


When you first start trying to learn astrology it can be confusing and frustrating because there is so much information. If you are interested in it, start by learning the basics. Have an astrologer draw your birth chart for you and then you can learn more about it as you go along in life.