Is Your Twin Thinking About You?

Is Your Twin Thinking About You?

Having a twin flame relationship is a unique relationship because they are the other part of your soul.  You only will have one twin flame in your life, and this can be someone that is reborn.  The twin soul is part of your soul that is split from birth and mirrors you and our soul.

Since a twin flame is part of your soul, you will have a connection with them that is strong., This connection binds you and will link you physically to this person and it will be in the spiritual plane and on earth that you are together.  The point is to get your twin flame so that you will be able to complete your karmic lesson that they will show you.

This connection can give you signals and because of these relationships, you might be sad and end up with a lot of pain in your heart.


If you wonder if your twin flame is thinking about you then there are psychic signals that you will know.  The problem is that your twin soul needs to find you so you can have connections and when you see that there are messages that are being sent to you, this can help you to connect with your twin flame.

When you ignore the messages, you cause these connections to be pushed out of your mind, but you will never be able to move on away from your twin flame connection.

There are signs that your twin flame is thinking about you and since these connections are part of the universe, you will see that the psychic connection is strong and intense.


If you want to know if your twin flame is thinking about you, you can look for these signs:

  • Strange emotional feelings.
  • Strong emotions after sharing an experience with your twin flame, even a breakup.
  • Feeling of joy after you tell your twin flame you love them.
  • A lot of energies to your aura.
  • Intensity of feelings.
  • Tingling sensations in your body.
  • A presence of comfort and peace.

When you see that you have these emotions, you will find that they are thinking about you and you can allow your feelings to comfort you.  They might even be sitting by you and be somewhere close to you.  You might feel them in your heart chakra.

Your twin soul thinks about you all the time and you think about them.  The line that is connected with you leads you to have feelings and to think about them often and this line is connected to them as well, leaving them with the same feelings.

If you have feelings that your twin soul is thinking about you and wondering about you, they most likely are.  These feelings come from the universe and they are energies that connect you to one another.