Are Angels Among Us?

Are Angels Among Us?

Angels are spiritual beings that help us along our life’s journey.  Considering the amount of turmoil in modern day it’s wonderful know we have celestial aids in addition to the support of our loved ones.  But how exactly can angels help us?

You have a whole lot of love from above.  In addition to angels, your “spirit team” is comprised of spirit guides, ascendant masters and your deceased loved ones.  This team will send signs that danger is approaching and provides you strength or encouragement when you feel lost.  At times, they will even find ways to work their aid through enlisting the help of earthly support.

Expect the unexpected

The Universe can “speak” in a variety of ways.  From subtle signs to the right person coming to our aid at the right moment.  Sometimes this assistance is so ideal, we know there was more to this help than just a chance encounter.  Consider news stories that you hear about a person who was moment from sure death when a good Samaritan seems to appear out of nowhere to help and then is nowhere to be found when the chaos clears.  It is no mystery, that stranger was an angel assuring that person’s wellbeing.

Angels can work through animals

Angels can worth through both humans and angels.  Thinking about stories where a dog goes to extreme lengths to alert neighbors that their owner was in danger.  People may wonder how the pet know exactly how to respond to the crisis.  There is no mystery, the answer is usual an Angel was at work.

Angelic aid in medicine

The Covid pandemic has made people appreciate our doctors, nurses and EMTS far more.  As patients face medical crises EMTS and hospital never know what to expect, but something deep within in them infuses them with knowledge, strength, patience, and grace.  This inner wisdom goes beyond their years of medical training, to a persistent voice that guides them to address the unexplainable or gives them strength when they need it most.  There have been many examples of first responders harnesses the power of their spiritual path, like listening to their angels to give patients the best possible treatment and care.