Asking Spirit Guides for Help

Asking Spirit Guides for Help

If you happen to be new to the psychic development realm, you have likely heard how important it is to connect with your spirit guide. While everyone encourages to do so, few explain how this is done. This guide will help and as you connect, you may wonder how you ever survived without your guides. Your guides want to connect with you and make it as easy as possible, so let’s get started.

What are Guides?

Though you may not yet realize it, you already know what spirit guides are because they are the spirits that support us throughout our lives. Their job is to help you when and wherever you need it. They connect with you prior to birth and stay with you. You will have a main guide and helper guides that all communicate through intuition. This means that guides are around you every day, simply waiting to lend a helping hand. They have likely helped when you did not realize it. Now that you understand, we can discuss connecting.

Asking for Help

When you meet your spirit guide for the first time, it can be exciting. This is also a great way to strengthen gifts of intuition. Start by emptying your mind, then meditate while you invite them to come into your space. This can take some practice because completely clearing the mind is difficult. So, make sure the space you create is peaceful and without distraction. A diffuser can help set a relaxing mood.

Then, start by asking your spirit guide for help. They are always present so you can chat anytime. Think of what you need help with, create a specific request, and verbalize it. Then watch for signs you are receiving help. As you get more comfortable with your guides, you will be able to connect anytime, no matter what is going on around you.

Recognizing Answers

The help you receive from your spirit guides can take on many different forms. At times, they appear in the mind’s eye, while others, a clear answer will undeniably pop into your head. Answers may also come as gut feelings, strong emotions, or even just a sense you recognize.

There can also be signs that your guide is directing you or trying to get you to understand something. Perhaps you need help with a big decision, ask for signs that are concrete and recognizable. This can be something like debating on a car to get and suddenly you see it everywhere or wondering if you should reach out to someone and you see a card they sent. These may appear as coincidence, but you can learn to trust your guides over time. The guides are understanding, they do not mind offering signs. Just makes sure to watch for what you ask for when you do.

Other Ways to Ask Guides for Help


Meditation is a wonderful way to ask guides for help if you struggle to speak to them. Just keep it simple, breathe and focus on what you need. Visualize this while meditating.


Sometimes writing is easier than verbalizing needs. Journaling is another way to speak to the guides. Write out your request and they will immediately get it because they are always with you. Write out what you need and think of the recipient as you do so.


Stay open to your guides and seek their help. It may come in unexpected ways, but it will always be for your good. You may see them as a vision. They may speak to your mind, send you a sign, or even just sense them being around. They are ready to help if you ask and are patient enough to keep trying to connect. Chat with them even when you are not asking for anything so you get to know them. Ask for names or give them the names that come into your mind. Find what works for you and know you will gain support.