Knowing You Have a Spiritual Connection

Knowing You Have a Spiritual Connection

If you have ever met someone for the first time and then had an immediate connection or you have felt like you just naturally belonged to someone either as friends or as lovers, chances are you have experienced a spiritual connection with that person.


We have some relationships that we have moved forward with even if we really did not have a true connection with them.  Or, maybe, you have felt a little bit connected with them.  On the other hand, there have probably been people that you have met that you had a strong and true connection right from the first day.  The energy that your spirit has knows what is right for you and knows what you should feel for each person that you meet.

It is proven that spiritual health is related to our bodies and how well we are.  That means that when you have a spiritual connection with someone, you need to try to step out and follow what your spirit wants you to do.

Does that mean that if you are in a relationship that it means you are spiritually connected?  No, but being spiritually connected can make your relationships much stronger.

When it comes to our bodies, being physically healthy is important.  Most people have a good insurance plan and good doctors.  If they have a problem, they call their doctor an get some kind of treatment plan.  Being physically healthy is important but so is your spiritual health.  One way your spiritual health can get better is when you meet someone that has a deep connection with your soul.  This can help your body to lead your soul into the right direction and find those types of people that make you happy in your life.

Soulmate Connection

Maybe you have been in love before and you just assumed that someone was your soulmate.  Or you have heard the world soulmate before, and you used it to describe a close friendship or relationship that you had with another person.

A soulmate is someone that is suited for you and someone that can be a partner or a friend.  If you have ever had a deep connection with a person, having a soulmate will mean more than just being meant for each other, it will mean that you have a strong spiritual connection with them.

When you feel another person spiritually, it means that you feel that you have known them forever, even when you have just met them.  You will feel connected to them and you will feel that you know so much about them even though you really don’t know why.  These feelings will be deep inside of you, and this is part of your spiritual connection.

When you have a deep spiritual connection with someone, this does not mean that you and your soulmate will know that you are both meant to be together right away.  You might feel it and they might not and the way to fix this is to take things slow and let the other person get to know you.

The connection is there, but you do not always see it right away.  Sometimes, it takes time to have a deep spiritual connection with someone and not everyone can understand this.  Another important thing to note is that not all relationships last forever, even soulmate relationships.  These change depending on the lessons that the universe wants you to learn.

Most relationships have some degree of spiritual connectedness, unless you are just with someone for sex, but the connection can change depending on how well a person understands who they are and what their spiritual purpose is.  In some relationships, a person can feel connected spiritually with their mind and body while the other person might feel that they are with you for only a physical connection.  When this happens, it can be harder to move on in the relationship.

Remember, many spiritually connected relationships will end badly and will bring heartache. This can make you feel that you have found your soulmate and then lost them.  This is okay and you were meant to be with this person for a season.  Also, a deep spiritual connection often takes time to develop so do not let the distance that you feel with someone push you away form a relationship unless you feel that it is bringing you down.

Knowing a Spiritual Connection

People always wonder how they will know the difference between a relationship and a spiritual connected relationship and the way that you know I that you just feel it.  You will be in the relationship and you will feel peace and understanding.  You will feel happiness and calmness.  But when it ends, you will be hurt, for a time.

When a relationship ends, you will feel rejected and it is then that you will realize that you had found your soulmate and that you were very close to them, closer than other people in your life.  Luckily, there are ways that you can know a real spiritual connection such as:

When it Brings Healing

A spiritual connection with the right person will help to heal your past.  If you have had heartbreak or if you have been rejected, this type of relationship will disappear when you find your soulmate.  This person will help you to move on in your life and will help to take away your sadness and your disappointment that life brought you.

Give You a Purpose

A spiritual connection will help you to find a purpose in your life.  If you have always felt like you didn’t know what direction to take, this person will help you to go there.  They can help to see you for who you are and help you to find your inner self.  This can help you to achieve your goals.


Just like having a purpose, your soulmate will help you to find your dreams.  They will help brings these to life even if they have been buried for a long time.


A spiritual connection will be truthful with you and will be open and honest.  They will help you to see things in the truth and will help you to move on in life.  They will show you things that you are good at and didn’t even know it.

Pain and Discomfort

Another thing that your soulmate will bring you is pain and discomfort.  Even though this is opposite of all of those other things, this thing in our life will come with pain and discomfort because it will not last forever.  Your soul connection will have you do things that make you uncomfortable or that you are afraid to do and will help you to move along in life on the right path.

When the relationship is over though, it will bring you pain and discomfort that will eventually bring growth to your soul.


If you have a spiritual connection or a soul connection, they will influence all areas of your life.  If you want to grow into the person that you want to be, embrace your soulmate connections and learn to take time to understand them and to love your own self and to know what your soul wants form you.  Learn to love your body, mind and spirit so you can connect with others on your journey.