A Simple Exercise to Learn Psychic Energy Manipulation

Psychic Energy Manipulation

One of the best things about psychic abilities is that you can learn and develop them with another person. Psychic energy manipulation is one of the most powerful psychic abilities a psychic practitioner should learn, and it’s also among the most basic. Psychic energy is invisible, but it’s all around us.

If you already have a practice partner available, there’s a fun and easy way to learn to pulse and sense energy.

Here’s a step-by-step tutorial for learning basic psychic energy manipulation:

  1. Sit down with your partner. Face each other and relax. For this exercise, one of you will send energy pulses and the other will sense them, so decide who will be the sender and who will be sensing.
  2. Properly position your hands. Each of you should hold one of your hands up with your palms facing toward each other. Leave about an inch of space between your palms. It does not matter which hand you each choose, but through practice, you may discover that one hand is more sensitive to psychic energy pulses than the other.
  3. Now that you’re seated and your hands are properly positioned, each of you must center yourself. To do this, close your eyes, sit quietly, and focus your attention on the middle of your forehead. Simply observe the darkness before you. Clear your mind and focus.
  4. Begin manipulating the energy. If you’re the partner pulsing the energy, collect the energy from your entire body and concentrate it into your raised hand. Briefly allow the energy to gather in your hand, then push it out toward your partner’s raised hand.

If you’re the partner that’s sensing the energy, focus on staying centered while paying attention to any new, unusual, or abnormal physical sensations in your raised hand. When energy is sent to your hand, it may feel as though something is pushing on it, or that electrical impulses are moving near or through it. When you sense the manipulation of psychic energy, tell your partner so he or she can confirm the pulse or deny it.

That’s about all there is to this simple exercise. Continue pulsing and sensing, and confirming or denying the pulses until you become proficient and accurate.

Additional Tips

  • If you aren’t sensing anything, just keep trying. Don’t say that you aren’t feeling anything. Just try to stay centered, and keep paying attention. Any time you believe you may be sensing something, say so. If the sender confirms that the pulse was sent, you know your hunch was correct, which teaches you what to be alert for during the next attempt.
  • If you’re sending the pulses, be sure they’re irregular. This ensures that the person sensing will not be able to anticipate the next regular pulse, and will need to pay close attention to all sensations. Irregular pulses, therefore, make the exercise more educational and precise.
  • After you’ve successfully sent and sensed energy pulses, trade roles (the senser becomes the sender, and vice versa). Keep practicing until you and your partner are proficient and both sending and sensing energy pulses.

There are many other ways to psychically manipulate energy. For example, you could use crystals, meditation, or yoga. But as you just saw, the above exercise is quite simple to practice, and should not be problematic in any way. Energy sending and sensing is a fun and significant step toward mastering your energy manipulation abilities.