Developing Psychic Ability with Intuitive Tarot Reading

Developing Psychic Ability with Intuitive Tarot Reading

If you have ever had a tarot reading then you have probably been amazed at the insights offered and the accuracy of the reading. Some readers are able to get insights that go beyond the cards, yet are dead on in their insights.

The truth is, you do not have to have a long genetic history of psychic connections to connect with spirit guides through tarot for relevant insights. While some are born into psychic families, some are not and can work at better developing the skill.

Using tarot and learning better intuitiveness can help you awaken spiritually. As you practice tarot you can better connect with spirit guides and go to a deeper personal level. This will allow you to hear words and see angels in your mind’s eye which leads to accurate and insightful readings.

Start with the White Book

An interest in tarot often develops early, but connecting with the right deck makes a difference. Find a deck you can connect with and start with basic readings. Read cards based on book meanings and for yourself for illuminating insights. To take this from amateur to master, it does take practice. This inner self development can make a difference in readings.

Connecting with a Deck

Mentoring is one way to grow in your abilities. Find a psychic reader that will help you develop a deeper connection with your deck and improve your abilities. If your deck feels cold and unloved then you must infuse it with your energy. This is beyond looking at the deck and spending time with it. There are a few exercises that will help.


Though it may seem weird at first to meditate with a deck, it is important so the deck takes in your energy. This can completely change how you relate to your deck. Start by going through each card and looking at it closely, describe what you see and the meanings you know.

Next, hold your deck while listening to a sound only meditation track for at least ten minutes. Close your eyes and focus on the deck. After this, look through the cards again and see if you notice more detail. If you want, try a reading and see if deeper insights occur.

Keep it Close

Tarot decks are much like people as each has a different personality that you must get to know. A stranger will not immediately share all their secrets, so why would a deck. The more time you spend with a specific deck, the more it will reveal. After you have meditated with your deck, keep it with you for three straight days. Keep it in a purse at work, on your nightstand at night, wherever it needs to be to stay in your aura.

This should leave your deck feeling friendlier and warmer. This may seem odd, but the deck will go from stranger to friend very quickly.

Daily Draws

As part of getting to know your deck, start doing daily draws for yourself and others. This will challenge your relationship with the deck and help you grow together. Start by choosing a time of day that best suits you to do a reading consistently, mornings are recommended. Shuffle the deck with the question of what the day will hold. Draw your card and record the card and meaning in a notebook. Enjoy your day, but come back to the notebook to reflect on the meaning and how it reflected in your day.

Chakras and the Tarot

Tarot and the chakras are related in many ways, though some overlook this fact. Learning to connect these things can allow you to go deeper into readings. The trick is to use each suit with the major arcana as you are learning tarot. This is to be used with chakra balancing meditations. Each tarot suit is related to one or more chakras and by meditating with the right pairing to connect energetically. Some common correspondences are shared below:

  • Major Arcana – to be used with the third eye and crown chakras
  • Swords – to be used with the throat chakra
  • Cups – to be used with the heart chakra
  • Wands – to be used with the solar plexus and sacral chakras
  • Pentacles – to be used with the root chakra

Using these pairings, use the same meditation technique as getting to know your deck. While meditating, you may feel pressure or a tingle in the specific chakra. This is normal. While this may seem like a small thing, it will connect you to each suit on a deeper level. This is the first step in becoming an in-depth tarot reader.

Daily Meditation Practices

Daily meditation is the most important aspect of developing your psychic side. Spend 10-15 minutes daily to just sit in the stillness or other forms of meditation. This can be done by listening to sound only meditation tracks, doing visualization with breathing focus, sitting in silence or simply walking through nature.

Take time to do this daily and prior to every reading. It will help you grow closer to the cards and draw your eye to the small details as you perform a reading. Sitting still in silence helps you create a sacred space in which you can hear the voice of your soul. Energy starts vibrating at higher levels so you can more readily hear your soul and feel those “gut” feelings that are your intuition. Once you understand, you will regret not doing this sooner. When this gut feeling hits during a reading, follow it because they are rarely wrong.

Tarot and Spirit Guides

While meditation on your deck is important, communicating with spirit guides is a new level. Some people wrongfully assume that to use spirit guides you must not use tools and rely fully on psychic power for effective communication. However, tarot and oracle decks can be used to communicate as well.

Since the spirit already has difficulty in connecting with people, adding tarot and oracle cards can create the perfect combination of tools to create a life changing reading.


Much like meditation, this requires stillness as you sit and create your space. Surround yourself with crystals associated with higher chakras, like amethyst, to aid your openness. Then mentally ask your spirit guides to help you by coming close. This is very personal as you call on your individual guides, angels, or start beings. Finally, pick up the cards, shuffle, and ask for the answers you seek.

Spirits Communicating through Tarot

There should be a marked difference in readings once these practices are started. This may include a boost in your own confidence at first, which will spread when reading for others. The cards are wise and accurate, but learning to see the other person’s spirit guide in your mind’s eye is something special. The way in which these spirits communicate is multifaceted, including psychic channels, the four clairs, and through the card symbols and patterns.

Tarot and Clairs

The four clairs are shared below because these are your innate psychic channels of communication and need to be understood. They include:

  • Clairvoyance – seeing specific images through your mind’s eye
  • Clairaudience – hearing phrases or single words in your mind
  • Clairsentience – an experience or sensations or emotions
  • Claircognizance – sensing or knowing something

Which of these you most strongly experience will depend on your strength, but a person may have more than one.


There are many ways to communicate through tarot and these include the following:

  • Repeating numbers – spirits like to communicate through repetitive numbers, so a number repeating more than once has meaning in a reading.
  • Symbols – symbols are also a favorite among spirits. If you find your mind’s eye drawn to the same symbol in the cards over and over, share the meaning it has for you.
  • Patterns in the spread – this can be represented by a dominant suit or a card pointing to another. Think outside the box and read the story you see along with the predefined position meanings.
  • Unrelated answers – there are times the spirits answer a question that was not asked and this can get confusing, but trust your gut and be flexible enough to pick up on the message.
  • Stalker cards – this is when a single card shows up again and again in multiple readings or in a single reading. This is the guides wanting you to get the message you need. If you get a stalker card, pay attention.

Accelerated Spiritual Development

Your spiritual awakening process can be accelerated by reading tarot, meditating, and communicating with your personal guides. Tarot is a magnificent tool for both reflection and predictive answers that gives you a way to hear the voice of your soul.

Once you hear this voice, you will never be the same as you are guided toward your soul’s purpose. This is what the spirit guides are about, helping you with your life tasks and earthly mission. Tarot is one of many ways to get to this point, one step at a time.