Zodiac Sign Mission Statements

Zodiac Sign Mission Statements

There is a mission statement that is imprinted on everyone’s soul. Your personal statement has certain keywords to help you identify your values as well as helping you understand why you entered life under your particular sign. Each statement is a strong indicator of your essence and purpose for existing. It can be comforting to know your life’s purpose. When you allow yourself to meditate on what you soul has always known and wants to reveal to you, then you create a greater sense of security. This well being in consciously recognizing and embracing your mission is wonderful. To learn more about who you are at heart, what you value, and what you need in life, read on to better understand the mission for each sign.

Aries (I am the first and best)

Deep down, every Aries, the ram, believes they are the first and best. Aries must win and will spend all their energy to meet this need. They aim to be the first and always the best in all they do. All undertakings are taken on with enthusiasm. It is a blessing to have the bold Aries on your side.

Taurus (I have it all)

The reliable Taurus, the bull, believes they can have it all and will work to get it. They have a deep need to feel stable and secure, driven to have things they can hold to like possessions, people, and a place. This Venus ruled sign craves delicious food meaning they are usually fabulous chefs and connoisseurs.

Gemini (I think I can and I do)

Gemini, the twins, use their minds to touch everyone they come into contact with and in all they do with their brilliance. Gemini quickly learn that they must be careful about what they discuss, think about, and focus on because they tend to manifest their thoughts into a reality. While this gift is magical, it is also powerful.

Cancer (I am guided by my heart)

Cancer, the moon children, have a tender, trusting, loving, intuitive heart that guides their words and actions. Cancer deeply appreciates the security of a loving family and will create that feeling of family among those they love whether related or not. Cancer adores nurturing and supporting, but they are also good cooks.

Leo (I will create what I need)

The sun ruled Leo are determined to have whatever or whoever they need. They will do a huge amount of work to obtain what is desired. Leo has the power to create what they need to, basically willing it into being. Leo requires loyalty and love, but will faithfully give the same in return.

Virgo (I will analyze my way to success)

Virgo, also known as the virgin, is intent upon attaining perfection in everything. Virgos use their logical, analytical minds will help attain this perfection. The Mercury-ruled Virgo will practice something beyond getting it right to not getting it wrong. Virgo will nurture those they love and help what is good and wholesome to grow in a healthy manner.

Libra (I balance everything)

The Venus born Libra embodies fairness, harmony, justice, and love in their own lives and need it from others. When chaos is encountered in life, they strive to create balance. Libra is the peacemaker of the zodiac. When the Libra does argue, it is in a sweet and charming way that changes minds.

Scorpio (I desire to transform)

The Scorpio has an innate desire to transform the negative into the positive is very deep. Scorpio uses their psychic gifts of empathy and intuition to gain understanding to help people get along in the Scorpio way. They feel love in its truest form that is both faithful and loyal in a deep manner.

Sagittarius (I see and understand)

Sagittarius is an adventurous Archer that understands and sees they need of living free and loving with total abandon. Sagittarius thirsts for knowledge, truth, and experience to fill their yearning to know more about love, life, and everything else. Sagittarius generously shares insights with wisdom for those who wish to be guided.

Capricorn (I utilize everything in a practical way)

The pragmatic, sure-footed Capricorn uses everything in their path to climb to success. The Capricorn knows all about the hard knock life and will work hard to overcome even the roughest beginnings. Capricorn will strive to build their own authority to create a solid structure of financial wellbeing so their loved ones will be loved, supported, and protected.

Aquarius (I know I am a visionary)

Aquarius envisions a better world for everyone. They can inspire enlightenment in others as they help to attain it. The humane philanthropists feel genuine compassion for animals and people. The freedom loving rebel Aquarians have a knack for discovering new ideas that help all around them to find their personal greatness.

Pisces (I believe in my dreams)

Pisces carry the wisdom of the universe within their souls. They believe they can manifest their dreams and do so. Pisces are mystical healers that deeply understand faith and transcendent thought. Considered spiritual artists, Pisces can use their creative gifts to uplift others who are receptive to a higher love.