What Is Jealousy?

What Is Jealousy?

When you are always comparing yourself to other people, it will always cause you to lose your grace and make you feel bad about yourself.

Looking inside at yourself can be a journey on its own and we will often find that we have emotions that we really didn’t realize that we had.  Each situation that we go through will cause us to have emotions and we can learn to use them to heal or use them to become worse.  We can be something that we love or something that we hate to even look at.  Rest assured that our emotions can make us afraid because we don’t want to experience them or face them.

No feelings will go away without healing.  If you are attached to your emotions, then you will find that you are not able to know the truth of yourself.

If you want peace and happiness, it is what is inside of you.  If you feel otherwise, it is your ego that is causing you to feel unworthy and full of doubt.

One hard feeling to deal with is jealousy.  This is a moment where you are not satisfied with anything but what causes you to get these feelings?

What belief are we holding on to that causes jealousy?  You must find the root reason for these emotions.  When you compare stuff and yourself to others you will become bitter and think less of yourself.

The first thing that jealous does is makes your mind to feel different.  When you compare what you have to what others have then it can feel good if you are the one on top, but if you are looking for your imperfections then you will feel full of pain and these circumstances can cause you to feel bad about yourself.

It is hard to deal with jealousy and you have to learn to deal with others.

Jealousy can come from having an ego that makes you feel less than other people.  When you have feelings of inferiority then you might experience higher levels of jealousy.  You must see your blessings and remind yourself of what you have an that you are worthy.

When you compare yourself to others, it comes from your ego and you choose not to see yourself as unique.  Everyone is unique and is on a different journey and there is no right or wring to what is going on in your life.

When you realize that your journey is customized to you and to your soul, it is easier to stop comparing yourself to others.

Your Heart

Your ego is part of your inner being and it wants to have attention.  When you are able to heal your emotions, you will see that you are aware of jealous feelings that come along.

You have to focus on what you are concerned with and learn to love each other for who they are.  You need to be giving and respect what people have in their lives as well.  When you feel jealous over someone, you are lacking love for them.

When you don’t have love for yourself, you will never feel that you can live up to standards and it can cause you to resent other people.

You need to learn to validate your own success and your own journey so that you can celebrate other people and their gifts.  When you compare yourself to others, this is your inner being focusing on what other people have such as talents and things and not having confidence in yourself.

Natural Emotion

Jealousy is a natural emotion, but you have to face these emotions and learn to heal.  There is nothing wrong with being jealous because it is natural, but you have to learn to recognize it instead of holding these feelings in.  You will learn to recognize why you are jealous and learn to control this emotion.

Everyone will experience jealousy but by spending too much time thinking about how you are not good enough will only increase your jealousy.  Learn to see yourself full of worth and then you can learn to handle this strong emotion.