Using the UR Rune to Manifest Love, Wealth, and Health

Using the UR Rune to Manifest Love, Wealth, and Health

Everyone wants to live a long and healthy life. This has made healing, especially metaphysical manifestation, a very popular topic.

There’s a wide range of manifestation techniques. This article focuses on using runes. All of the runes could potentially be used in manifestation in different ways. Even the runes that don’t make much sense, such as Hagalaz, have a significant role to play in rune manifestation methods.

A lot of information on rune manifestation is widely available online and elsewhere. A good place to start is understanding that energy is key to runes, because runes are the keys to the Universe’s creative energies. Runes originate in realms beyond the universe. Most people describe them using logic and words, all of which are based on their perceptions. Runes are beyond these descriptions. They’re the most powerful tools that can be used to manifest more love, wealth, and health into your life.

Quantum mechanics tells us that everything is energy. People are energy. Runes are energy. Earth, our solar system, the galaxy, and the Universe itself are energies. Since people are energy beings, our auras connect us to all of the energies in the Universe. In fact, our physical realities are attracted to the energy carried in our auras.

So, if you want to manifest love, wealth, and health into your life, the energy in your aura must vibrate to the frequencies of love, wealth, and health. Or, more simply stated, like attracts like. The rune symbol UR resonates at the frequency of universal healing energy. Since like attracts like, this is an important fact to know.

UR is the second rune of the 18 Sacred Futhork Runes. It represents the creative principles of the causes of space-time, dimensions, and existence. This creative principle reaches into the realms of the causes of causes, or the threshold to chaos. UR can truly be considered the timeless and spaceless origin of time and space.

Being the origin, UR is the ideal rune for all levels of healing and manifestation. It allows us to modify problems at the roots of their causes. Rune healing is at the tip of the Northern Path school of magic, which uses the gods, myths, philosophy, and rituals of the northern European Germanic tribes.

Six UR Rune Manifestation Techniques

It takes patience and time to allow the energy in your aura to manifest your new reality. Practicing the six following methods of UR rune healing will help manifest the healing energies of UR into your aura. Once the energy of the UR rune is in your aura, your manifestation process can begin. Some of these methods involve the use of an UR rune stone for their effectiveness.

  1. Rune breathing. Set an UR runestone in your lap. As you look at it, repeat an UR rune breathing mantra, such as, “I breathe the eternal healing power of UR into my aura.”
  2. Rune yoga. While singing the song of UR, position your body and hands in UR rune positions. These positions can easily be found in an online search.
  3. Rune meditation. Relax with an UR runestone in your lap. Breathe deeply and meditate on the symbol. Don’t consciously think; simply meditate. That’s all you need to do. Your subconscious mind will make the required connections.
  4. Rune cooking. Prepare a batch of cookies. Inscribe them or decorate them with the UR symbol. When you eat one, know that resonant energy frequencies will attract the healing power of UR and release it into your body.
  5. Rune mantras. Don’t overlook the immense power of rune songs. Adopt a verse or line of the song of UR as your own personal mantra. Try using, “The roots of the universe reach deep into myself,” or, “UR heals me into a new life.” Additional verses can easily be found online.
  6. Rune radionics. Radionics, or electromagnetic therapy, combines runes with radionic instruments to balance discordant energy frequencies in auras. For a less technological experience, pendulums or dowsing rods could be used instead.

At the conclusion of your session, no matter which technique you used, be sure to ground yourself and thank the UR rune for the power it infused into your manifestation and healing process.