Using Astrology to Heal

Astrology to Heal

People often wonder if you can use astrology to heal and the truth is, there are different methods of healing that you can use based off of astrology. One way is the sound bath. A sound bath makes sounds that are bigger than those that come from a singing bowl or a gong. This can be as loud as a snore or a thump and each person feel different after getting this kind of treatment. This can be used during deep meditation to help to heal you.

Other forms of healing include sound healing, Reiki healing, gong healing, singing bowls, sound baths and more. The purpose of it is to use Pluto’s energy to help lessen negative feelings and to let the planets line up your energy according to your relationship with the stars and the other astrological things.

Astrological sound baths are part of history and they can help your health and help you to learn to care more for yourself while balancing the energy in your body.

Developing Sound Healing

If you love astrology, then chances are that you will love things such as sound baths. You can work towards learning how to do these so you can change your life and the lives of those around you.

This can help you to tap into the cosmic mind and to help you to learn from astrology and what it can do for you.

Practicing this can allow you to liven up something inside of you. Maybe you will choose to do this instead of Reiki and this is a very natural way to heal.

The planets are unique, and they change as the solar system turns. This can be part of math and part of music and there is a strong vibration that can align with the notes that you play.

A sound bath can represent the energies that the planets have and can help you to open up your mind to Plutonic energy and to help you to know what to do in order to have a harmonious life.

What is an Astrological Sound Bath?

Astrological sound baths are different for each person. They use the vibrations and the sounds to concentrate on how they make them feel. The different vibrations change the frequencies and the energies of the planets.

Using Sound Together

Using a sound bath and other things such as a gong can work in combination of each other. There is no right or wrong way to use astrology to help heal you. This is a blessing to you and when life is hard, you can use this kind of healing.

Remember, no experience is going to be the same and the planets are always different, and this is what makes it unique. Some of the gongs can work in combination of the sound bath and when you feel the intensity of the sound, it can help to create healing.

Venus is a self-love planet, and it can bring you peace and joy in your life. There are always things going on around us and if you are looking for peace, this can help you.

The energy of the earth will ground you and help you with the Venus gong. This is a high vibration and can help you when you need major grounding.

The Chiron is a minor planet, and its energy can help to heal wounds. You can use the wisdom of this planet to help you to heal and to let go of things in your past that have caused you problems.

If you have intimate issues or relationship issues, the sound energy of Venus and Chiron can help you.

Tools During Sound Baths

You can use other tools during your sound bath such as singing bowls. You can play these and crystal bowls to help you to open up your chakras.

You must keep your energy strong and when you feel pressure in your body, you need to check on your chakras to make sure that they are strong and balanced.

The throat chakra might be unbalanced, and this means that you need to get your balance. Use your voice while you play so that you can open up this chakra.

If you are having problems relaxing, a sound bath can help you to sleep better and can relax you and help you to fall asleep. Your mind is always working, and you have to trust your sound bath to help you to become relaxed and to reach your point of peace.