The Spiritual Meaning of Butterflies

The Spiritual Meaning of Butterflies

Butterflies have multiple meanings like reflecting freedom, zeal for life, and joy.  They can also be a harbinger of peace, safe, beauty, transformation, enlightenment, serenity, and union with nature.  When you see a butterfly, a beneficial change is on the horizon!  If you are constantly seeing butterfly, especially when they are eating or sitting on flowers, can foretell that the butterfly is your spirit animal.

Butterflies in dreams

When you are sleeping, seeing butterflies can symbolize messages of peace, happiness, and transformation change on the horizon.  In particular, you may be embarking on a new phase in your life and it will bring you many blessings.  Look at yourself like the gentle butterfly, newly formed and stunning, even when in the midst of the chrysalis stage of life.  Surround yourself with positive reinforcement, though change is hard it will all be worth it in the end.  Reflect back on all the stages you faced and succeeded at to bring you to this point in your life, and celebrate your accomplishments.  You possess all the power to manifest your deepest desires, but you need to ensure harmony with your surroundings in order to facilitate going through life’s unpredictability with grace and ease.

Why are butterflies constantly flying around me?

There could be multiple reasons for their attraction to you.  Perhaps you are about to find great success in a project, or a deceased loved one is trying to send you a message.  Butterflies are connected to the dead and often are a sign your recently departed loved one has reached peace and contentment in the afterlife.  When a butterfly lands on you and stays awhile, enjoy the moment and reflect on which deceased loved one may be paying you this visit.  Observe the color of the butterfly as different hues communicate different messages.

Types of butterflies and their meanings

Going beyond just differences in color, certain behaviors indicate the meaning of a butterfly’s visit.  Be very aware of the form butterflies assume when they make their presence known to you.

Blue butterflies

Blue signifies healing and peace, and signals good luck.  For people struggling with medical issues, when you see a blue butterfly, the spiritual world is sending encouragement and hope.

Orange butterflies

Orange is the color of passion and drive.  When you see an orange butterfly, the Universe is urging you to take steps to fulfill your passions to achieve your dreams.  Monarch butterflies are messengers tell you to stay the course, your goals will soon be accomplished.  In Mexico, Monarchs are viewed as spirits of deceased loved ones returning to visit their living relatives on the Day of the Dead celebrations.

White butterflies

This type of butterfly is telling you a new love is about to find you! If you see a number of white butterflies, then you will choose from a plethora of romantic options.  White butterflies also tell of impending good news.  Seeing a white butterfly is always a positive sign!

Black butterflies

Black is the color of death, whether it is physical or the end of a current stage.  Now may be an ideal time for you release old ways of thinking to create room for new opportunities.  If you see a black and white butterfly inside your home, a member of this house will face serious illness, and possibly death.  Yet, it is it seen outside it foretells of an upcoming power shift that could be very beneficial for you.

Yellow butterflies

Much like the sunshine on a warm spring day, yellow butterflies are a joyous sign.  You are being blessed with optimism, energy, and playfulness; enjoy all that you have in your life or additional positive opportunities are coming your way.  Yellow butterflies can also signify an important announcement is forthcoming or you will soon revisit a positive memory from your youth.  Anytime you see a yellow butterfly, things are good and you should experience joy.

Two butterflies flying

Two butterflies flying alongside each other signals love.  This love could be a harmonious romance or friendship.  Even more butterflies together strengthen any of the messages listed above depending on their color and activity.  Since a group of butterflies is known as a kaleidoscope, the greater the number the more impactful the message.  You could also be blessed with abundance and prosperity, remember receptive to the message and enjoy the experience!

Why do I get “butterflies?”

Anytime we are anxious or nervous, people say we “have butterflies” in our upset stomach.  This can be both positive or negative.  If a person “gives you butterflies” it signals you like them and are concern that they may dislike you for a certain reason.  However, if a certain activity “gives you butterflies,” then you are anxiety is kicking in and taking you out of enjoying the moment.

Are there Biblical mentions of butterflies?

Although the Bible doesn’t explicitly mention butterflies, modern Christians view butterflies with transformation and resurrection.  They view butterflies as tell a person to surrender to the process of immense change and that they will emerge from the toils stronger than before thanks to the grace of salvation.  With this salvation, the person can be resurrected spiritually into Heaven to spend eternity with Jesus.  Butterflies are seen as incredibly sacred.

No matter the meaning, a butterfly is a sacred spirit visiting us to foretell impactful news or loving visits from our ancestors.  Certain people believe a butterfly symbolizes a lengthy life and upon seeing a butterfly, a person should make a wish of something good.  With sincere hope and good luck, it may just come true!