The Significance of a White or Silver Aura

The Significance of a White or Silver Aura

An aura is the energy field that surround any living being on the planet, include humans and the Earth itself.  Auras take on an array of hues that shift color based on shifts in our emotions or the emotions of beings around us.  However, there is often a predominant color.  White is an extremely rare color and reflects purity and comprises all the colors of the rainbow.  Because it reflects every visible wavelength light color is it similar to the number zero, holding potential for equal amounts of positive and negative traits in balance.  This associated with balance and purity is reflected in religious traditions such as priests or pilgrims wearing white robes and baptism or bridal gowns being white.  White connotes a sense of peace, calm and serenity.  Yet, it also symbolizes emptiness and cleanliness.  Meanwhile, silver has lunar ties and governs cycles, intuition, empathy and esoteric talents.

Why are White Auras so Rare?

This is because auras quickly pick up energetic debris due to shifts in a person’s emotions, thoughts and surrounding.  Think of how easy it is to notice stains on a white shirt.  At times, flickers of white can be seen as a person enjoys a transitory pure state of being.  Such is the case of psychics as they connect to the spirit realm.  Yet, only rarely do humans attain such extended states of enlightenment and grace, such as the case of Jesus who is depicted with a white glow surrounding his head.

Auras and Chakras are not identical

Chakras are “energy gates” that regulate energy flow through the body.  Auras are the actual energy fields surrounding our physical body.

What does having a White Aura mean?

People with either steady or flickering white aura have unique psychic skills.  Their intuition is well-honed and they feel profoundly connected to the spirit realm.  Typically, when we immerse ourselves in the beauty of nature or the human experience, or even during extended meditation, our aura may turn white.  People with white aura are pure soul that draws other towards them because of the goodness and peace in their heart.  Consider how you subconsciously seek out other with higher vibrations and avoid energy vampires.  White is the color of healing and therefore might attract people seeking improvements in physical or mental wellbeing.  Frequently, people with white or silver auras work in health care.

What does having a Silver Aura mean?

Silver, though typically appearing as a pale gray, signifies well-established psychic talents.  A connection the spirit realms is entwined with their physical life.  A person can access at will psychic messages and are sensitive the auras of other beings even if they can physically see them.  People with silver auras are typically regarded as attractive, confidence and a delegator. Note that it is ok if you notice your aura is mixed at time with other colors.  The most frequent colors that will appear are purple, violet, indigo, and blue.

How to have a pure Aura

  • An external aura reflects the inner self.  Having a healthy aura means you will be physically healthy as well.
  • Maintain health by avoiding alcohol and other drugs.  Eat a balance diet.  Drink plenty of water and exercise regularly.
  • Set aside time to be alone in nature.  This can help you connect with spirit and enter a almost meditative state.
  • Meditation, where you lose yourself in serenity and peace, is essential to cleanse your aura.  Use visualizations if you struggle with mediation.
  • Surround yourself with positive people and strive to communicate in harmonious ways.
  • Avoid energy vampires.
  • Sleep well.