Steps to Zen and Related Inner Peace

Inner Peace

Although innovation has come very far, we have lost touch with our true selves and the balance that we are to have a delicate balance with in life. We end up struggling as we try to fight against this balance. What if instead of fighting our way upstream, we just allowed ourselves to float? This would create a peaceful Zen. Zen is a state of calm awareness in which actions are guided by intuition’s flow rather than through conscious effort. To help restore your balance and live in the natural flow state, follow the steps below to begin your path to Zen.

Returning to Self

The path to Zen begins with a look inward to reestablish your connection with your true self. There is a divine source that flows through each of us and as you look beyond the veil of illusion, you can open up to spiritual bliss. This journey takes time, but you will begin to recognize the first steps, you seek something bigger. Your heart will open to love as you begin listening to your guiding voice from within.

Comfortable in Stillness

The fast pace of the modern life feels chaotic. Stillness – doing nothing- will help you become free of this chaos and create Zen. Practice stillness through guided meditation, breathwork, spending time in nature, journaling, or mindfulness.

Cultivate the Sacred

To cultivate the sacred means you make a consistent effort to build a relationship with the divine. This can mean you use daily rituals to help you connect to the higher self through prayer and meditation or even dedicating a month each year to this practice. You must create your own path.

Discover Your Sacred Path

You may already have several sacred rituals in your life, but do not feel limited to what is already comfortable to reach Zen. It is a personal journey that you can experiment with to make your soul sing. This development of the sacred comes in many forms. Open your heart to many sacred rituals to light your path to spiritual ascension.

Create a Sacred Living Space

A comfortable and creative living space will create a foundation for a peaceful life that can easily adapt to the preferences of those who live there. To create this type of space, try some of the following:

  • Cleanse the energy in your home by keeping it tidy and dust free, burn sage or incense as needed
  • Position your furniture to face doorways and entrances to open your life to opportunities
  • Create an inspirational living space with photographs and art that brings you inspiration
  • Consciously choose materials and colors that evoke moods like calming blue for reflection or yellows for social spaces
  • Infuse the five elements into your living area adding what is needed to create balance
  • Create a shrine that you can touch base with to nourish a Zen state
  • Create a sacred space for yoga, meditation, reading, journaling, and other calming activities that help you stay calm

Self-Care is Sacred-Care

Self-care is defined as any activity that consciously cares for your mental, physical, emotional, or spiritual health. At the basic levels this is about self-respect and self-care as you care for yourself and declare yourself worthy. A few ideas may include:

  • Spa treatments
  • Soaking in a hot spring or long, hot bath
  • Take time to rest
  • Treat yourself to delicious, healthy foods

When you make these efforts consistently, you are working to become the best person possible.

Live Consciously, Intentionally, and Mindfully

Living the Zen way means you are living consciously. Through your awareness, reconnect with your true self to create an inner state of balance in nature. To live consciously, consider the following:

  • Practice mindful awareness
  • Use breathwork to allow the prana life force to flow freely
  • Respond instead of reacting
  • Practice mindful consumption
  • Practice mindfulness in all areas

Rituals and Ceremonies

Rituals and ceremonies are defined as a set of actions that are used to produce a desired outcome. Humans have always practiced rituals in some form including to connect with higher powers, celebrate live, and even make it rain. A ritual can be something traditional that is culturally based or focused in religion. Look for ways to incorporate rituals into all aspects of your life to help you find Zen. Make sure to set your intentions and invite in peace and tranquility.

Connect to Your Tribe

Your tribe is your community of friends that you can practice spiritual growth with over time. Going on a spiritual retreat is an opportunity to find your sangha, to connect with like-minded souls on a similar Zen path. The work of spiritual peace begins inward, but should not be done fully alone. Spend time with your tribe and connect on deeper levels. Remember, we are all connected and that is needed to feel at peace.