Stages of Twin Flames

Stages of Twin Flames

The love between twin flames cannot be stopped.  This is a form of intensity and love that is like a fire that burns inside of you.  It can make you a new creature and bring you out of the dust.

Each twin flame relationship will be different and there is no kind of general pattern that will emerge from these unions they can be fun, loving, kind, terrifying, hurtful, angry and more.  A twin flame relationship can be an experience that causes us to question everything in our life.

There are stages that you will go through with your twin flame and here is a guide to help you through that.

Twin Flame Stages

The twin flame is there so that you can find your soul completion, and this is where two souls are split and they look for their whole lives in order to find their other half.  This is a relationship that is important and brings completeness to their lives.  This helps you to experience unconditional love and can bring everyone together.

Having this twin flame relationship can bring harmony and love and will make your soul more mature.  Two people that come together that are old souls will have an easier time being in a relationship than two souls that are young and immature.  Always keep that in mind when you think about how your twin flame relationship fits in these stages.

Finding the One

This first stage of life is when you are looking for the one in your life.  They are someone that you haven’t found yet and you are looking for a perfect person to mold your life and to make you complete.  They are out there but you don’t know when they will come, and you are hoping they will appear soon in your life.

When you start looking for the one, you are preparing your soul for your twin flame to come and you might do this at an unconscious level.  You will learn to love yourself before your twin flame comes because they will bring you to self-awareness.

Knowing They are the One

Sometimes, you will see your twin flame through a dream or a signal in life.  You will find joy and wonder, and you will find a sense of curiosity and want to get to know the person that will make you better.  This person will be special to you and you might even feel that they are perfect in your life.

Loving Them

When you find this person, you will fall very hard in love with them.  It will be different than any love that you have ever felt.  You will know your twin flame more than anyone else and you will feel disoriented and lovesick unlike anyone that you have ever found.  You will accept that you are madly in love with them.

Fairytale Love

You will both make it known that you love each other, and your relationship will be like a fairytale.  They will fulfill all of your needs and it will feel like you are in paradise when you are with them.

Outer Pain and Inner Feelings

This is the part of your relationship that will seem painful and full of hurt.  After you have been together for a while you will all of a sudden feel old wounds come to the surface.  Even though you and your twin flame share the same desires, you will become emotionally repressed and you will become explosive in your personality.  You might be arrogant, and your twin flame will be quiet and calm.  This is a challenge that will show your insecurities and can be very painful and hurtful.

You will argue and fight and it will seem painful, but it will all be part of your growth.  You will see yourself who you really are, and you will realize that you are going through this pain for yourself and your relationship.

Runner and Chaser

There will be so much tension between you and your twin flame that one of you will want to run away.  The other will want to shut down but will chase when they run.  It will more than likely be the younger soul that runs and the older soul that chases.

The relationship will be one where you are dependent on each other and your soul and your partners maturity level will make a difference between who you are.  The chaser will be stronger mentally and more emotionally mature.


The next stage is to surrender. You will come to a point where you both get over your wounds and you fight against your insecurities.  You will experience a soulful expansion and as your ego calms down, you will realize that you have learned a powerful lesson about yourself and you have learned to work through hard things.  This will only deepen your relationship.

Becoming One

As your problems fade, you will learn to have a stronger soul reunion.  This is the place where you will find passion and you will have fulfillment in your life.  You will calm your ego and you will learn to understand and forgive each other and grow the ultimate patience.


Sometimes in your twin flame relationship you will feel stuck, but these stages will come and go.  Know that the universe knows then it is time for you to have your twin flame relationship and even though these are hard and these can be trying times, in the end you will have the power of love and unconditional love on your side.