Sage Cleansing

Sage Cleansing

Doing a sage cleaning is something that is easy to do and even though it is a new-age idea, it is something that has been done for years and years and all around the world.

Using Sage

Sage is important because it can cleanse the negative energy from your home or office.  This is a spiritual cleansing and can increase your positive energy and can help to clear out the negativity that builds up around you.

If you use sage, this can be done for people that need to release things that do not help them.  This can help to get rid of drama in your home and make it easier for you to connect to the divine spirits and help to talk to the angels.

Sage can also give you clear seeing and increase the awareness of your spiritual gifts.  When you want to cleanse your home, doing a sage cleansing is easy and fun.

When to do a Sage Cleansing

A sage cleansing can be done at any time but it should be done extra if you have had negative visitors in your home, if you have had sickness in your home, when you want to meditate, when you have come back from a place full of people, when you get a new home, when there has been an argument brewing in your house, when you have irritable people in your home or just to declutter your energies.

You can cleanse all areas in your life including your office or your car.


If you don’t like the smell of sage, you can mix it with lavender and you can also use other herbs such as sweet grass, juniper, cedar or lavender to help mask the smell of sage if you do not like it.

Doing a Sage Cleansing

Doing a sage cleansing is easy and you should always start by talking to your spirit guides.  You should gather together the items that you need such as sage, sage spray, smudge stick or whatever you need in order to cleanse your area.

You will also need a dish or a bowl that is a fireproof dish that will allow you to burn inside of it.  Don’t refuse to do a sage cleansing if you don’t have the right bowl, the most important thing is to have the right intentions.  When you don’t have a nice bowl to use, just fill a bowl with water and this will work to hold the fire and ashes.


You should always have good intentions and you should know why you are clearing your area and what you need to do.  Make sure you have positive thoughts and that you are wanting healing or wisdom or strength when you light your sage.

You need to relight the sage during the ceremony so make sure you have a lighter close to you.

Purify Yourself

When you go to do a sage cleanse, you need to make sure that you are clear and that you are clean inside.  Take time to purify yourself by making the sage smoke go towards you.  Start at your feet and go to the top of your head.

If you need to, use the smoke and your hands to direct the smoke to your body.  Once you get the smoke going, keep the bowl close to you to catch any of the ashes.

Cleansing the Home

Next, you want to cleanse your home.  Keep your good intentions in your mind and make sure that you say a prayer or a chant.  Since you want to get rid of negative things, bless your home and tell the negative energies to leave and to be replaced by positive energies.

Affirm yourself in your heart and say it out loud.  Say your prayers and light your sage at the room where you usually come in.  Start at each corner and go from corner to corner and let the spiritual guides guide you where to go next.

One great thing about this is that you cannot mess up.  Pay attention to dark corners and to areas where a lot of people are.  Most of all, follow your intuition and let the smudging ceremony guide you to all of the areas that need cleansing.

Ending It

There are some different ways that you can finish your smudging ceremony and the first one is to make sure that you let the embers die out on their own or rub them out in the bowl and then after they cool throw them away.

The second option is to rub out the embers and then bury the sage to make the negative energies leave.  Imagine that there are new things planting into the earth to bring positive energy.

When you are ready to do the next sage cleansing, always buy a fresh sage stick.