Raising Your Energy Frequency

Raising Your Energy Frequency

Spiritual entities are all around us. So, why don’t we encounter them all over, all the time? It’s simple: Spiritual beings have a higher energy frequency than physical beings. Encountering them requires us to meet in the proverbial middle—we must raise our frequencies while the spirits lower theirs. This is the root of the term “mediums”—they do their work at the midway point between the higher spiritual frequencies and the lower physical frequencies.

So, it isn’t enough for mediums to simply raise their own energy level. They must increase the vibration frequency of the whole room. An easy way to do this is to start their sessions with physical movement and music. It also helps if the people in attendance are receptive and open, and believe in spiritual intervention. Skeptics shouldn’t be in the audience if they aren’t. An atmosphere of light, joy, and love gives the room an appealing wavelength for both the physical and the spiritual beings involved. They all want to be there!

Maintaining a High Frequency

Everyone naturally has some degree of psychic ability. But becoming a medium also requires focus and training. To attract spirits, mediums need to know how to raise their frequency and maintain that frequency long enough to establish clear connections. It requires a great deal of practice to avoid dropping back down to the physical realm’s level. You can sense when a medium’s frequency is decreasing because they begin to read the physical person they’re working with instead of relaying messages from the spiritual realm.

Helium vs. Lead

Some things can raise our frequency closer to a spiritual level, while others reduce it to the physical level. Some attitudes and behaviors act as helium balloons, serving to raise our frequency and allow us to encounter spirits. Other activities, thoughts, and feelings are more like lead weights. They lower our frequency and separate us further from spiritual intervention.

Every decision we make is rooted either in higher-frequency love or lower-frequency fear. Each choice we make moves us toward one frequency or the other. Maintaining a higher frequency will make you more open to connecting with the spiritual realm.

Intentionally Raise Your Frequency

Here are some simple practices and habits to intentionally raise your energy frequency and maintain the increased level to manifest spiritual intervention.

  • Thrive to maintain an environment of joy, light, and love.
  • Actively practice gratitude.
  • Trust the Universe that the things that happen are meant to be.
  • Expectations block energy, so release them!
  • Do some housekeeping in your head. Clean up your mental condition. Thoughts become actions, and only you have control over which thoughts you will manifest.
  • Meditate. Meditation cleanses your energy field and intensifies your relationship with the divine. So, the more often you meditate, the more open you will become to spiritual intervention.

Release What Weights You Down

There are also activities and habits that reduce your frequency. Avoiding them will also help raise your frequency.

  • Move away from negative emotions such as hate, anger, and fear, which decrease your energy frequency to a lower level.
  • Let go of past grievances, grudges, and resentments. Root yourself in compassion—it will help you forgive and forget!
  • Don’t give your ego any advantages. Your ego is constantly trying to undermine the supernatural knowledge deep down in your being. Don’t let it edge out your ties to the metaphysical.
  • Stop trying to control everything. Accept that everything happens just as it should, and the Universe is in full command.