Psychic Reading Done Remotely


You might have an exact understanding on how a psychic reading works with face to face connection. An in-person meeting always allows for personal understanding. But psychics can also do just as valuable work with a remote connection. Phone or online psychic readings still allow psychics to connect with energy using voice, to perceive auras, and to access the spiritual plane.

The Importance of Energy

The key to understanding how a psychic reading can work without being present is energy. A psychic accesses the human energy field when they do a reading. Typically, this energy is not seen physically. Gifted people instead access the energy psychically. A practicing psychic has spent time sharpening and developing their skills for sensing energy in different ways, including clairaudience, clairvoyance, or through empathic means.

Because the energy isn’t seen physically, the psychic doesn’t have to be in your presence to sense it. They can access the energy from wherever they are.

The Spiritual Realm

Our everyday reality exists on the realm of space and time. A psychic, however, makes a connection on the spiritual realm. There are countless dimensions or planes that people cannot experience using the normal five human senses.

All people connect in a universal space or alternate spiritual realm. Psychics have a sixth sense, or extra sensory perception, that allows them to tap into this alternate realm. There, psychics can read the vibrations of energy or receive messages coming from the spirit. Everyone and everything that exists in the universe is connected, as everything is fundamentally made up of this pure energy.

How a Psychic Taps Into Energetic Planes

Different psychics have different preferred ways of tapping into the energetic planes they use to help their clients. An individual’s energy exists both within the three-dimensional body you know and also inter-dimensionally. A psychic can access an individual’s energy inter-dimensionally as well. A psychic can place their consciousness in the astral realm to view their client on this plane. This way, the psychic can see the aura as if the person were right beside them.

Some psychics are particularly in tune with energy that comes through a client’s voice. They are able to easily provide a psychic reading by phone because it is the voice that brings clarity, not the client’s physical presence. Other psychics get the strongest perceptions in text, such as via chat or email. The best online psychics use this strength to offer readings remotely.

A psychic may need various pieces of information to accurately provide a remote reading. Some may ask for birth data if the reading utilizes the Akashic records or astrology. Other readings, however, may not need this birth data. A psychic can also work with the energy body when it comes to healing, or read an energy field. A psychic will draw on their strengths to give a valuable reading, no matter where they are.

Phone and online readings are tools that are just as useful as face-to-face psychic readings. Gifted psychics can connect to energy remotely to still provide an in-depth experience.