Meeting Lovers from Your Past Life

Meeting Lovers from Your Past Life

Everyone is looking for a partner and the difference between people and animals is that people want to find someone that will love them with all of their heart and show them unconditional love. People will think about love before they act on it and there are things that happen in our lives that cause us to keep searching for love, even if it is right before us. Most people are wanting to have perfect love.

What happens when you meet a lover that was from your past life?

Soul and Love

The soul has been through many different lives and this means that you have had many different lovers. Chances are that you will keep meeting those same lovers in your present life and in lives to come.

People will meet each other in a new life and when they do, they will feel that they have known this person forever. This happens because they are tied with karmic ties. When these ties happen, you can fall in love with people that have hurt us because they are meant to teach us both good and bad lessons.


Do you wonder if you have met someone from your past life before? If you have, chances are that you will feel that you know this person forever. You may even get past life regression so that you can learn to find out what happened in your past life. Your therapist could help you to find out if you had past lovers in your life and if you have had a soul connection.

Signs of a Past Life Lover

Here are some signs that you have met your past life lover:

  • You love the same kind of past history.
  • When you fight you feel that you have fought for the same problems.
  • You develop a strong bond right when you meet them.
  • You feel different emotions that you cannot explain such as hate or jealousy. These could be from your past life.

When you meet someone from your past life, they may have hurt you in the past and so you might somehow remember this and still feel those same feelings.

When you are confused, you might need to get past life regression so you can find out where those feelings are coming from.

Knowing Past Life Lovers

People are sometimes always drawn to the same kinds of relationships and sometimes these are toxic. This is how karma works. These relationships help you to become a better person and they help you to fix your karma that you have had.

If you experience signs that you have met your lover and you are still confused, a therapist or psychic can help you to know why this relationship is occurring.

No Getting Away

If you want to get away from these kinds of relationships, you cannot. Karma is a cycle that will keep happening until you learn from it. This will happen over and over until you pay your karmic debt.

Karmic debts are emotional, and they can come from one life to the other until you are able to pay them off and to stop dealing with your mistakes. Unless you get past life regression, you will not understand why this keeps happening to you.

When you meet someone from your past life, chances are you have a debt to pay with them. You might fall in love and care for this person, but you might find that the relationship is hard.

Past life regression can help you to overcome some of the questions that you have.

Learning from Your Past

If you learn and get past life regression, you can understand more why things happen. You can meet one of your past life lovers and you can figure out what you have done that is not finished or what you need to learn. Once you pay your karmic debt, they go away.

Your past life will be there to teach you a lesson and once you learn your lesson, you will move forward. You will be able to be successful and your heart can heal.

If you want to know more about past life regression, you need to know that meeting a certified therapist or psychic can help you to enter your subconscious mind and find out about your past life. It can be a journey for you, and it can help you to let go of your past life problems.

Life is strange and things happen for a reason. Past life regression can help you to be more aware of what is going on in your life and to help you to release your past and to move forward in your life. If you wonder why things are happening to you, talk to a trusted therapist or psychic.