How to Open Up Your Intuition

How to Open Up Your Intuition

People are often curious on how to unblock their intuition and make it stronger. They are people that have normally not learned how to connect with their intuition or how to make it stronger.

Every living thing is part of your DNA and is part of how you survive on the earth. When you feel like you lose your intuition, you feel that you are not able to live your life right, but the truth is that you cannot lose your intuition. This is part of your soul and part of the world around you.

Your intuition will guide you from danger and help you to make decisions that help you to move closer to what you are meant to do with your life. It is there to help you make sense of things.

As people speak, there are different things that we believe in such as politics, cultural things, religion and more. The voice that is guiding you is there to help you to do what you do and to experience things in your life that make you better and make you more spiritual.

People often have blocks in their intuition, and this has to do with how they view themselves. People sometimes have self-doubt, and they are unable to reach their intuition. They are afraid of trusting who they are, and they choose to not take the risks associated with listening to themselves.

Intuition has to be unblocked and you have to learn to see it as a positive thing. You have to learn to move forward and let your soul flourish and not to let things go wrong in your life. The ego is there to guide you in a way that will help you to feel protected and to not take chances. This is part of the fear that the go will give to you so that you will focus on the bad things that can happen instead of the good things that intuition can do for you.

Unblocking Your Intuition

There are ways that you can unblock your intuition and here is how:

Soul Centering Ideas

Take a few minutes each day and deep breath and close your eyes. Concentrate on things in your life that are wrong. Breathe into your life and let your soul feel whatever you are feeling at the time. Keep the connection open and allow your intuition to guide you.


Whenever you feel something in your intuition, let it come to you. Feel it and allow yourself to embrace it and to give you the information that you seek. You will be stronger the more you listen. Write down times when you listened to your intuition, and it helped you to be stronger.


Ask your spirit guides to help you and to lead you down the right path. Everyone has spirit guides, and they are there to help you to know what to do next.


Wearing crystals such as Amethyst or other crystals can help to clear your intuition and make you stronger. You will be able to pay more attention to your intuition and hear what it has to say to you.


Do not block out your feelings and allow yourself to feel what you are feeling. Be mindful of what you are feeling such as stress, worry, anger, sadness and do not hide it. Take time to breathe deep and to tune into your feelings so that you can handle them and connect with your intuition.


You can also get blockages in your intuition because of pressure of life. If you have too many thoughts and expectations, you might begin to feel pressure and not know what to do with it. Learning to focus on your intuition can help you to allow your guidance to flow through you and to help you through any situation that you face.