How to Help an Empath Heal from Grief

How to Help an Empath Heal from Grief

An empath is someone that has strong emotions. So, how do you deal with grief when your emotions are already so strong that sometimes you don’t know how to control them?

A person that is an empath is someone that is often a highly sensitive person or an HSP. This means that they are able to feel things deeper than other people and this even goes with death. An empath will handle their grief differently than other people do and people handle grief often based on what they were taught or their religious upbringings.

Even when someone that dies that we don’t really know such as a celebrity, even if we have never met them, their death might impact us in a strong way. When you are dealing with the loss of someone, the loss can be sad, even if they are not someone you know. But as an empath, you will feel the death as a loss no matter if you have met the person or if you know them or not. The energy of an empath is something that is not changed even when you know someone or don’t know them.

People that you meet at work or someone you pass on the street may impact you in some way. As an empath, when these people die, it is a bigger grief than for others. When you mourn the death of someone you know or don’t know, there are ways that you can lessen that grief and learn to be strong and move forward in your life. If you are an empath, this can be extremely helpful for you.

How to Deal with Grief

There are different steps you can take to help you to deal with grief and here are some of the ways:

It is Okay to Cry

Crying is okay. You are allowed to cry, and it is actually something that is healthy for you. As an empath, you will have strong emotions and sometimes you will need to grieve, and you need to let the emotions out. The emotions of pain and hurt will come to you and when you have it, you need to let it go.

When you cry, it helps to let the emotions out and it can take the pain of the death away form you faster.

As you heal and things get easier each day, you will see that crying and opening up to your emotions will help you to move forward.

Pictures and Tributes

One thing that you can do to help you heal is to look at pictures or to tribute the person in your life that has died. This will help you to remember that person and help you to have peace in your heart.

Video tributes, slide shoes and other things can help you to remember the person you love and to help you get through your grief.

Look at What They Left Behind

Honor the person that has passed away by honoring what they have left you with. Remember how they have touched your life and the things that they gave you when they left.

This can be something that is good information or something that helped you to be interested in something fun. Do this and honor their memory.

Everyone Grieves Different

Not everyone is going to grieve the same. Everyone is different and when someone might want to cry, someone else might want to be quiet and be alone.

You will never understand how someone feels when dealing with grief and the best thing that you can do is to just be there for them.

Do not let anyone stop you from your grieving. Go and grieve the way that you want to and the way that will help you heal. Grief is going to be there, and it is very natural.

Find Someone to Talk to

You need to find someone that you can talk to about how you feel. Talk to a friend, a family member or even see a counselor if you need to. Share your feelings and how you are grieving with them.

Talking to someone can help you to get your feelings out and help you to feel loved during this hard time. Tell the person about the good times that you had, share happy stories, and talk about the feelings you have now.

Write Them a Letter

You can take time to write a letter to the person that has left you. This can help you to heal and help you to be able to express your emotions when you might not be able to say them aloud.

Writing a letter to your loved one that has died gives you a chance to talk to them one last time and to tell them how you feel.  Tell them how their death has affected you and what you are feeling.

Doing this can be great for an empath that might have a hard time expressing their feelings.

Accept Death

You have to learn to deal with death. It is something that is never going to go away, and you have to learn to face it. Do not be angry at death and do not hide from it.

Death can leave you confused but it is something that will eventually go to everyone, and you need to learn to focus on how the person made you feel and not their death. Focus on the good memories that you have with that person so that you can see death differently.


It is okay if you need to go and get therapy when you are hurting. Grief can be hard to handle, and it is harder when you have to deal with it alone. If you don’t have a friend or family member that you can talk to, talk to a therapist or a counselor and they can help you.

It will help you to talk to someone and get a different perspective on life and the grief process. This can help you to deal with things such as behavioral issues you are facing with your grief.

Support Group

Find a support group that helps people that are grieving over lost loved ones. You can find people that are feeling the same ways that you are feeling, and you can open up to them. They can help you by sharing your feelings with you and they can even help you to write your letter.

Being with other people that are struggling with the same things can help you to not feel weird about talking about your feelings.

These groups are helpful when you have lost someone in your family and when you do not have other people that can relate to you.


Losing someone can be very hard and if you are having a hard time with grieving, find something or someone that can help you so that you can be strong in your mind, body, and soul.