Having a Cosmic Connection

Having a Cosmic Connection

The universe is connected to all things and everything happens for a reason. The idea is that good and evil will balance each other out and will teach you a lesson or will bless you. If you are with your real soulmate, the universe will tell you so.

There are people that come and go in your life and it is always for a reason. Some people will leave you with a positive impact and you will love them and want to be around them but there are others that will leave you feeling negative and you regret ever meeting them. There is always a reason, no matter what you feel.

Sometimes, you might think you met the person that is meant to be with you, but they end up being a complete mess up in your life. It is not often that the universe will bring two cosmic partners together. If you are with your cosmic partner, then you will understand that fate brought you together. There are different names for a cosmic partner such as:

  • Twin flame
  • True Soulmate
  • True Love

When you live in the spiritual world and you see that your souls are meant to be together, they will be where they are met to be. The universe will decide what is happening in your life and will know the plans that are meant for your future. You will sometimes forget this, and you look at your past and your present and you forget that your life is controlled by the universe.

The cosmos will bring people in and out of your life and you will have some type of connection with them.

Some of the people that come in your life are hard to deal with and they probably will not be your favorite person. Remember, people are either a lesson or a blessing to you. These people will lead you around in your life and will cause you to be puzzled or confused.

Other people will come and will be your cosmic connection. Here are some signs of a cosmic connection:


You will meet this person and they will motivate you to be a better person than you are. You will set goals to reach and you will talk to them and they will make you feel that you are doing a good job.


People that motivate you will probably be the same ones that inspire you. They will help you make good decisions and you will look up to them. They will give you advice that you need, and you will never have to ask them to help you. Pay attention to what they say to you.

Slow You Down

Life is always busy and hard but when you meet a cosmic connection, they will show you what your real purpose is. They will get you to slow down and enjoy life instead of always being stressed.


You will learn many lessons in your life and many of them will be from your cosmic connection. They will change your life and impact you and even when the lessons are hard, they will be there while you learn them.


Your cosmic connection will wreck your routines and will make you try new things. You will have them so that they can show you the better way of life.

Open Heart

When you have a cosmic connection, you will open your heart to this person. You will not have to deal with unrealistic goals and expectations because they will be there to show you who you should be. They will give you light and happiness and love you beyond your flaws.


Everyone has a purpose in life and sometimes we forget what it is. Your cosmic connection will show you what your purpose is and will show you who you are meant to be.


It is just like your cosmic partner to help you to heal. They will help you to be comforted and to get rid of the sad things in your life.

The universe will send people in your life for a reason. Notice who has come and gone out of your life and the reason. Even your crazy ex had a purpose for being in your life. Always embrace the lessons the universe is wanting to teach you.