Fixing Your Love Life

Fixing Your Love Life

If you find that you have a broken heart or you need to find new love or help to heal a relationship that you are in, there are different angels that can help you in your problems.


The angel Chamuel is the angel that is associated with love and called the seeker of love.  He believes in unconditional love and is compassionate.  If your relationship is not full of love and you want to share your love with others or you need to forgive someone you love, call on Chamuel.

Chamuel is the strongest on Monday and Tuesday and will work best if you have a rose quart, jade, pink or green tourmaline or a fluorite.  Add power to your calling by surrounding yourself with a rosy pink light.

Build a table with an offering and put on some roses and lavender oil.  Use some candles, preferably green or pink and some crystals.  Use a picture of the person you are hoping to fix and a picture of yourself.


Raphael is the healer of broken hearts and he will help you to heal faster if you are facing a painful heartbreak.  If you feel that the relationship you desired is blocked, call on Raphael and he will help you.

He works best on Tuesdays and if you have an emerald, aquamarine, or a malachite, the calling might be more powerful.  Surround yourself with green light and call on him.  He can help build up relationships.

Put out an offering table with some sage, a green candle and some green crystals and write down names and birthdays of you and the one you are calling for.


Jophiel is the finder of beauty and is an angel that is optimistic.  He can help you see the best in others and help you turn on your inner beauty.  If you want to make your love stronger or to clear out things in your love life, call on him.

He works the best on Monday, and it helps if you have a quartz or amethyst.  Surround yourself with yellow light and use chamomile or a yellow candle when you call on him.


Never underestimate the power of angels.  Angels are meant to be a place where you can call that is between the heavens and the earth.  They were created to help each and every person along their journey and with their path of life.

You can always call on as many angels that you want to call on so that they can help you.  Try to use different crystals when you call on them and change the days of the week.  You can also add different candles and colors and see how the angels speak to you.

Never be afraid of calling on someone to help you because this can be a big step into your love life to help heal you or to make your relationships stronger.