Daily Ways to Hone Your Spiritual Powers

Daily Ways to Hone Your Spiritual Powers

You can build your spiritual abilities by the Law of Attraction.  This wonderful principle is free of any connection to a given religious or spiritual practice.  All people can find success through patience and practice.

Here are nine tips to promote spiritual energy:

  1. Learn more about spiritual energy

Each person might have a different way of “spirituality” or “spiritual energy.”  However, when in the context of Law of Attraction, the goal is to optimize the health of your spirit.  This is done independently of your religious or spiritual practice.  Consider your personal definition and how it impacts your spirit.  It can be helpful to even create a list.

  1. Maintain a healthy body

This includes both your mental and physical body.  When you commit to ensuring a healthy body, your spiritual health will increase as well.  The three biggest factors to consider is ample sleep, balanced diet, and regular exercise.  Ever person’s physical and mental needs are different, so its ok if you only need six hours of sleep, while your spouse requires eight, or if you prefer swimming to jogging.

  1. Thirst for knowledge

Spiritually health people have a keen intellect.  Don’t worry if you don’t have multiple degrees, instead focus on consistent exploration of issues or subject of interest to you.  Consider what exercising your mind means in your life, and how you desire to grow your knowledge base.  What mental skills are meaningful to you?  What talents would you like to build?  Commit to set aside time to pursue these passions.  It is also helpful to include time for spiritual reading and exploring multiple schools of thoughts for a balance perspective on the world.

  1. Connect with spiritual-minded people

When you harness the collective power of a community you attune your vibrations and promote better opportunities of abundance, blessings and connection.  It doesn’t matter if you find people in a church, bookstore, yoga class, sangha, coffeehouse, or online forum, the powerful result is the same and inspiring.

  1. Get outside and reflect

Law of Attraction can be amplified when you immerse yourself in nature.  This time away can affirm positive intentions, visualize future endeavors, and create actions steps.  Consider how positive thinking is intrinsically tied to creating your own perception of joy.  By committing to a practice of contemplation you strengthen your mindfulness skills.  Spend 10-15 minutes daily doing a body scan meditation.  This involves noticed how each part of your body feels from your head to toes.  You might also choose to journal and review your passages at future dates.

  1. Be kind

When you act loving and compassionately to people you improve both of your spiritual well-being.  Instead of sending money to a charity, invest real energy into a person or cause important to you.  This could mean volunteering or doing random acts of kindness or gratitude.  Let yourself be both innovative and spontaneous.

  1. Honor nature

Immersing yourself in nature is a tonic for the soul, especially for those living in cities or working demanding jobs.  Find time to go to a local park, discover a new hiking trail, or swim in open water.  The benefits are even more intense when you disconnect from any technology.

  1. Forgive

Forgiveness is not an occasional act, it is a constant attitude.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

You gain nothing, and even hurt your spirit when you hold onto grudges or resentment.  Lay these burdens down and begin to heal old wounds and watch as your spiritual prowess increases.  You might choose to verbally forgiveness people who have inflicted pain onto you.  Or it may simple be working on internal acceptance and charting a path forward.  Be grateful and honor all that these tests have taught you.  Appreciate how they have enabled you to be the resilient person you are today, and how even missteps have bestowed blessings onto your life.

  1. View spirituality as a lifetime quest

Spirit growth isn’t quick or a simple pill to take.  Each day your experience, both good and bad, influence your spiritual life.  Also, your spiritual will ebb and flow throughout your life.  Spirituality is just one aspect of your life journey.  By practicing the advice above, you can improve your mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health begin today.