Cutting the Energy Cord

Cutting the Energy Cord

There are ties that bind and energy cords are one of those. An energy cord acts as a type of umbilical cord that moves emotional energy from one person to another. It doesn’t matter if you are close by or far away. The cord is so strong it can overcome the miles.

How do you know if you have an energy cord? You can identify one if you seem to be obsessed with someone, thinking about them all day. This could mean their energy is filling up your mind.  If this is indirectly or directly affecting your social life, it may be something to consider cutting.

There are things you can do to move away from obsessive thoughts and actions and deny their energy access to regain your thoughts again.

The first thing to do is to identify the type of energy cord you have. There are several to choose from.

Heartstrings are when you have a deep heart connection with someone who stays by us when we are going through a difficult time. These are common among family members.

Stomach cords are not beneficial because they begin with toxic relationships. They are created out of competition or between two who have mutual ambitions. These are emotionally draining and can result in depression, illness, or boredom.

Lover cords are those developed between those who are intimate. These are almost impossible to break because they connect the lovers’ chakras. Their vibrational frequencies, thoughts, emotions, and beliefs align.

Sometimes people who have been through the same situation will develop a lover’s energy cord because they have similar chakras. Sometimes, this connection remains long after the relationship is over. Relationships are an agreement while energy cords are not.

Breaking an Energy Cord

First, you need peace because this exercise can be quite involved. Make sure there re no distractions.

Close your eyes and seek spiritual help. Search out a peaceful place in your mind to communicate with God. Some people seek spirit guides. Once you have reached that peaceful place, say the following or something similar.

“I need your help to break free from this energy cord. I know I have contributed to this and repent of anything I may have done, including unhealthy habits or attachments, that may have contributed. Things and people who do not serve a higher purpose or help me love need to go. Give me strength and power to let go of them.”

You may need to repeat this a few times until it feels like it is taking hold in your mind. Eventually, you will feel like the cords are being cut and released.

The one thing to remember about this ritual is that you must keep your intentions pure for it to work. When it works, you will feel a release and total peace.