Becoming Overly Spiritualizing

Overly Spiritualizing

People sometimes have a hard time dealing with their feelings and their emotions and so they will over spiritualize the things that are happening to them.

They do this because they don’t want to have pain or heartbreak and so they will take time to talk about things such as forgiveness and love and letting go when they really want to be overwhelmed and upset.

There is nothing wrong with being sad or overwhelmed and instead of always over spiritualizing things, you should take time to embrace your feelings.

Over Spiritualizing

People often have pain in their heart, and they are resentful or angry. This could be from a past lover or someone in their family or even someone at their job. This pain is real, and they deal with this pain each day, but they choose to not face it.

When we don’t know how to face the pain that we have, we never can have the chance to heal or to move forward in our lives.

Maybe you are one that will repeat affirmations over and over about yourself, but you do not really believe them in your heart. You talk about forgiving and loving others but instead you are actually feeling hurt and pain each time you say it. This is what over spiritualizing is.

Maybe you have done this for years and you find that you have a hard time being happy and you have a hard time letting the pain go. You don’t tell others, but you are really feeling it. It is time to be honest with yourself.

Know Your Feelings

When you over spiritualize things, you don’t allow yourself to deal with your hurt and pain. Here are some ways you can know your feelings:

Use Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT is also called tapping. When you do this, you become honest with your feelings and what you are knowing inside of you. You may be afraid to say these things out loud but when you do you will begin to feel better.

Kundalini Yoga

This is something you can do to allow your emotions to shine through on their own. You will experience the hurt pain and the deep feelings and sometimes even be negative, but this will help to cleanse you.

  • Practice Kundalini meditation.
  • Practice mantra chanting.
  • Meditate and calm down.

Say the Truth

One of the best ways to get over your hurt feelings is to accept the truth and speak it. This is one way that you can handle negative things in your life. Learn to forgive and move on but first you have to say what you are forgiving for and why.

The situations that you are going through need to be healed and the feelings that you have will be there and when real forgiveness comes, you will then be able to move on.

It is uncomfortable to have feelings and to express then but by doing this, you can see that the emotions that you have can be expressed and that you can feel that you have love and honor for yourself. Once you let the feelings out, you can forgive.

Learn to express the truth and let things change. Learn to be vulnerable with yourself and others. What you feel and what you are thinking is something that you should share with others. Do not hide it because it is not attractive.

Honor Yourself

Do not let fear hold you back from saying what you are feeling. Let your feelings come out and use the tools that you have been given in life in order to move forward and be the best you can be.

Pray, meditate and do exercises that let you feel yourself. Affirm yourself and be positive with who you are and what you want in life. Let your feelings be real for you.

Once you learn to honor yourself and your feelings, you can move on and you can grow and be the best that you can be.