Astral Projection

Astral Projection

Astral projection is when your body and your soul separate and you are able to move into another dimension.  This mostly happens when someone is sleeping, and different techniques can be used to make this happen.

If you are wanting to have an out of body experience, then you have to understand that with everything there are risks and you always need to make sure you are safe.

Astral Projection

When your body and soul separates, this is called astral projection.  It allows you to go outside of your body and to travel around the universe.  This is a way that you can explore the world through your conscious mind.

This astral projection has been practiced for years and started back in Ancient China.  You can experience this type of thing even if it is new to you.


Astral projection is something that is natural and can happen at anytime to anyone.  This has been reported from many cultures.

It is mostly safe but if you have mental issues, you should try to avoid this travel.


Astral projection has a few dangers such ad escapism which detaches you and makes you feel that you aren’t in the real world.

This cannot hurt you but if you have an obsessive personality, it can be harmful to you.  You must learn to balance yourself and your personal growth if you choose to practice astral projection.

Escapism is a healthy thing and should be used in the form of astral projection, but you should not let it get out of hand.

Being Exhausted

When you use astral projection, it uses up your physical energy and it can cause you to be exhausted.  You might have vivid dreams and then when you do, you might wake up being tired.


Astral projection can also include sleep paralysis, and this can be terrifying to people and people will believe that what they experience is real.

If you are sleeping and have sleep paralysis, this can be scary, and it is important to understand that this can happen before you do astral projection.


You will not die from astral projection but if your body fails while this is happening or if you have a heart attack then that can kill you.

There have been no reports of people dying because of astral projection.

Sleep Paralysis

Sleep paralysis happens when your body is in a sleeping state and your mind is awake.  This is a way that your body protects you from doing what you are dreaming.

When you wake up and you are not able to move or speak, this is part of the sleep paralysis.  Some people will hear noises and strange sounds, even demonic noises while others will hallucinate and see people.

You can use sleep paralysis to leave your body and explore your space.  This is a great time for astral projection.

When you divide your spirit from your body, it is not easy, but your body will not be able to move because you are in sleep paralysis and this is a time where you can separate your soul from your body.


Astral projection is not hard, but it is not a skill that is learned immediately.  You have to learn to practice in order to see it work.

People are on different abilities and they vary from time to time and depending on the person.

There are different reasons that you can cause astral projection not to happen and if you follow the basics and keep practicing for a few weeks then you will probably see good results.

There are different techniques and you can use your imagination to allow you to go through this type of experience.  These are great ideas for people that are just starting.

Methods for Beginners

Once you get out of bed, you should pick a time prior to your sleep and decide that you are going to do an out of body experience.  This can be several hours before you go to sleep, focus on this time and your goals.

Set an alarm and make yourself wake up around 4 hours after you fall asleep.

Go back to sleep and relax but concentrate on having an out of body experience.  Meditate while you are sitting there thinking about it.

When you wake up, walk around for a few minutes and then lay on your couch or somewhere besides your bed, close your eyes and then astral projection can begin.

Most techniques require that your body and mind are relaxed and if you are able to do this while you are meditating then it is the best way for travel.

Make sure that you have a full intention and your body and mind are focused on what you want.  Make sure that you focus your mind and you repeat “I will astral project” over and over again.  Look at an object in the room that you are in and imagine yourself walking to that object.  Imagine that you are going to look at the object.

Train your mind to be aware of your goal and focus on this vision.  Tell yourself that you are going to leave your body.  Keep this as your last thought before you fall asleep again.

Method 2

Another method is that you lay down and before you go to sleep, turn out all the lights, close your eyes, deep breath and relax.

Empty what is on your mind and focus on your breathing.  Once you are relaxed, you will enter a hypnagogic state, and this is when you are almost asleep, but you are kind of awake.  Your eyes are closed, and you can visualize things.

Focus on what you see and stare until you can see it.  Focus on being relaxed and the object at the same time.  If you can’t see the object, try again.

When you are imagining this object, you should pay attention to them disappearing.  Once they leave your sight, you are in deep relation.  You should not be awake in your physical body.

Do not get overwhelmed.  This state of vibration is different for all people and since you are new it might take you longer to get there.  Accept this and focus you move through your body.

Practicing out of body experiences will help you to be able to control your vibrational frequencies.  If this is the first time that you do it, you will learn to master it as you practice.

Imagine that there is a rope and it is hanging above you.  Let your hands reach and pull the rope and try to climb it.  Don’t open up your eyes and make sure that you are focused on climbing the rope.  This should help you to feel alert but not awake.

Put your hands on the rope and pull yourself up.  You might feel dizzy, but this is okay, that means you are doing it right.

When you are dizzy, it loosens your body.  This is where people sometimes feel paralyzed and withdrawn from their bodies and this is when they are not focused on their goals.  You should climb the rope completely and don’t stop until you are completely out of your own body.  Move around now because you should be able to hoover.

The rope technique will give you a mental action that is needed in order to this kind of action.  This is when you will be out of your body and you might be dizzy, but you have to learn to control this.  You might feel in a trance and sleep paralysis can happen at this time.

Your chakras will probably open up and you will feel elevated with high energy.  Your body will have different sensations and you will know something is happening.


If you want to do astral projection, prepare for sleep paralysis.  This goes hand in hand.  You have to understand what to expect with it and even though it might be scary, that is all up to you.  You know how to end the out of body expiree and so you know you don’t have to be afraid.

Try to understand astral projection and do not do it if you have fears or you are doubtful.  Go until you are comfortable with it and if you are not sure what you will feel like, allow yourself to experience new things but know that you are attempting this astral projection.

When you want to come back to your body, you don’t have to do much.  You can think about your body and then you will return right back to it.  Another way is to think of a silver cord that connects your astral body to your real body.  You will be able to see it and it cannot be broken.

This cord connects you and you can always return.  If you want to return, open your eyes and your body will come back into reality.

Have a mindset that is important and make sure you are positive and motivated with a desire to astral project.  You have to have no doubt or negative feelings.

If you have these things, you will not be able to astral project and you will become frustrated.

The whole thing should only last about half an hour or an hour because this allows you to have time to do all the techniques that are needed in order to see results.

Remember, even though astral projection is not proven scientifically, there are people that have experienced it and claim it to be real.

When you think about lucid dreaming and astral projection, they are similar.  Keep practicing if you want to experience either of them or work until you are able to get through what you want to do.  You should be able to improve your mind and your thought process over time.