9 Ways You Can Manifest Your Dreams Today

Manifest Your Dreams

Tap into the full potential of the law of attraction by eliminating the scarcity mindset.  This will embolden you to embrace a more positive outlook and increase your ability to manifest your dreams.  By overcoming your limiting beliefs, doubts and blockages you can release negative patterns and create space for more blessings and opportunities to enter your life.

Here are nine tricks you can start using today to strengthen the law of attraction so you can begin to manifest your dreams today:

  1. Pay attention to your focus: Are you someone who looks more on the bright or dark side of life?  If you are more pessimistic that can impede your ability to find success.  Try embracing a proactive attitude towards the obstacles in your life to learn valuable lessons, which will help you grow and get closer to achieving your goals.
  2. Write down your concerns: Our brains can be biased towards anxiety or doubt.  Take the stress out of your brain by writing down what is worrying you for a period of roughly two weeks.  This can help you release lingering burdens that can impede our ability to embrace each day.  A list can also help you see if your fears were based in reality or not.  This way you can stop ‘sweating the small stuff.’
  3. Relearn how to breathe: Diaphragmatic breathing comes from deep in your belly rather than your chest.  Learn to make your exhales longer than your inhales, such as inhaling for 5 counts and exhaling for 9 counts.  This will help to soothe your parasympathetic nervous system that governs your ability to rest and digest properly.  Mastering this breathing style can increase a feeling of relaxation, peace and grounding.
  4. Meditate more: Meditation helps to rebalance your brain and limit negative thinking.  Meditating is not meant to stop your thoughts entirely, but instead to drastically quiet them down.  The calmer your mind, the greater your ability to overcome stressful situations or rewrite negative patterns.
  5. Intuitively move your body: We can store negative emotions within the cells of our bodies.  Let your subconscious help to direct the ways your move yourself in order to release any buildup of toxic energy.  This can include yoga, dance, walking or swimming.
  6. Maintain a gratitude journal: One of the best ways to increase positive energy in your life is to express gratitude.  By recognizing our blessings and loved ones, we can spread joy and love the communities around us.
  7. Jot down your aspirations and connect to “why” they matter: Go beyond just listing out your dreams.  Understand what about each aspect truly matters to you.  By getting clearer on the “why” you can better strategize how to take steps to accomplish this goal.
  8. Visualize what a goal’s success looks like to you: As you write down your goals and action steps, don’t forget to picture what a successful outcome looks like to you.  Envisioning this success every day can help you connect better to achieving your goal.
  9. Feel satisfied with your life as it is now: What you feel you can believe.  Visualizations can empower you to more effectively achieve your goals.  Notice all the details in your vision.  Even the smallest details can help you feel more excited about your journey and increase your connection the to law of attraction principles.  As your grow your manifestation habits, notice how much clearer you have become with your goals and all the ways you are attracting success into your life.