When Your Dream is a Psychic Vision

When Your Dream is a Psychic Vision

The world of dreams though full of excitement is still mystical. Everyone dreams but not everyone knows the exact meaning of their dreams. Dreams more commonly occur when the brain is highly active during sleep.

In the scientific world, it is called the rapid-eye-movement (REM) stage of sleep. Dreams may occur in other resting stages as well, but mostly you forget those dreams when you wake up.

The unconscious mind rules the dream world, knows more than we do and can foresee things that are yet to come. Sometimes, dreams are more than what we think them to be. They are visions. They tell you about upcoming events or dangers. When you know the true psychic meaning of dreams, you start to believe in these visions.

Not every dream is a vision, and you can easily distinguish between the ordinary dream and the psychic dream. Here are some signs to know when your dream is a vision:

 – It feels different; it is not like a regular dream in which you see what you have done or talked about in a day.

– Your mind forces you to believe in what you saw in a dream.

– It can be something new that you have never thought about.

– When the vision is powerful, you will see what is going to happen exactly.

– You remember it for your life without forgetting anything. It may have complex symbols that make it easy to remember.

– That dream energizes you even when you are in sleep; you wake up instantly with an increased heartbeat.

Psychic Meaning of Dreams:

You can understand the precise psychic meaning of dreams only by knowing the different types of them.

1. Soul Walking:

It is also known as ‘out of body’ experience. As the name indicates, when you have these kinds of dreams, your soul is present at the place you are seeing. Many people believe that the soul doesn’t leave the body, but it is the energetic body known as the ‘astral body’ that does so.

2. Telepathic Dream:

When one person contacts another telepathically using dream, it is through a medium known as telepathic dreams. Thoughts, images or feelings, in most cases, can only be transferable between people who are connected emotionally.

3. Premonition:

A premonition can occur when the person is fully awake or dreaming. It is the feeling that something is going to happen. In the dream, it lets the person predict the exact future. Most of the time, it is about bad events that could be a little frightening. These dreams reoccur and cause a disturbance in sleep.

4. Lucid Dream:

In this form of a dream, the person knows he is dreaming and the awareness provides control over the dream to some degree. Those brain parts which were usually suppressed during sleep are highly active during this type of dreaming.

All these kinds of dreams can provide you with information about the present and future. You need to trust the power of your unconscious mind to believe your dreams.

Most of the dreams that come to us are visions, but we neglect them. Recognizing them could help us in averting the danger; or if we can’t prevent the event, at least we can get ourselves ready for the time to come.