Signs of Being a Lightworker

Being a Lightworker

Those who are lightworkers are often recognized as such by others. Lightworkers have a strong intuitive and emotional pull toward acts of service and helping others. This means the purpose of life for many lightworkers is likely to bring light and love into the world, fill voids, and drive out darkness. While many lightworkers will go into training of some type to help others in this way, it is a natural part of their being that brings real healing. This article is for those who know they are lightworkers and want to explain it to others or for those who are not yet aware of their lightworker status. Most lightworkers will come from a painful or highly difficult background and hold a sense of being different in some way. They may believe the differences are something negative, but they are in fact the lightworker aspect trying to make itself known. The sensitivity of the lightworker is pathologized in both life and experiences to create a negative narrative, but this is far from accurate.

              Below are some signs or tendencies that you are a lightworker:

  • You likely have a painful or traumatic past which is slightly ironic because the experiences are meant as a means for awakening your gift, not bring harm. Still, both pain and an awakening may occur.
  • You have a deep sense of purpose that you need to be in service to others. This can include a range of areas including healing arts, working directly with people or animals, teaching, or even a job in which you protect nature.
  • You feel different from others in some way whether because things impact you more emotionally or just hit you in different manners or because you see that the patterns in life are largely more harmful than helpful.
  • You are drawn to the arts or just a natural artist in some fashion. Many lightworkers create art or are moved by art through writing, painting, music, or dance.
  • You are likely committed to personal growth and excited about it. You may seek multiple modalities of healing to further this process.
  • You likely possess many gifts, including strong intuitiveness. You may surprise yourself and others about how well you can read them or a room.
  • Animals, children, and people may be attracted to you for no noticeable reason. This can be delightful, but overwhelming at times. Others can sense your energy and are drawn in. You may hear the phrase “I am not sure why I am telling you this” far more often than others.
  • You may have the ability to focus on something and it materialize. This is because you are strong in the law of attraction.
  • You are drawn to the things that are unexplainable like ancient civilizations, the paranormal, spiritual readings, and much more.
  • You have a strong internal sense and guidance system that drives you. You may appear impulsive to others, but you know what is right for you.

If these things resonate with you then you may want to investigate lightworkers further. So many have internalized the negative and struggle with self. Working on the inner self can be freeing, allowing your light and intuition to grow as you understand being a lightworker. As lightworkers work to help others, it can be easy to get out of balance, drained, and depleted. It is important to take time for self-care because not everyone can be helped. If your well being suffers or is totally sacrificed, then no one will benefit. This balance is important to the long term work.