Empaths and Emotions

Empaths and Emotions

One of the hardest things for an empath is to know if their feelings are their own or if their feelings are other people’s that they are picking up. An empath is strong in their abilities to pick up the feelings of others and this can confuse them and can make them not know what they are feeling.

If you are an empath, chances are you will have a range of emotions from happiness, sadness, heaviness, grief or other feelings. You might be doing something fun and all of a sudden be sad. Pay attention to who is by you and see how your mood changes because of this.

See if there is someone around you that seems sad or lonely. No matter where you are, you can pick up the emotions of others, when you are an empath and if you are in a crowd, this is even worse.

When you are feeling these feelings and no one is around, think this over and see if this is your own feelings.


When you have feelings, chances are you just thought of something. This can be something that makes you sad or something that changes your mood. You might not realize why this happened or be able to identify what is going on.

Someone New

If you are sitting there and your mood shifts, look to see if someone new came into the place that you are. If someone new comes in the room and your mood changes, the emotions are probably someone else’s.

Remove Yourself

When there are a lot of people around, take time to remove yourself from the area and see if your mood changes back to happiness. If you begin to feel better when you leave, chances are you are picking up the emotions of others.

If you have to remove yourself from a public place so that you can have some peace, you might feel like going away and hiding, but you have other options such as grounding yourself.

When you want to ground yourself, all you have to do is imagine that you are a tree and you are burrowing your roots into the ground.

Imagine that anything that does not belong to you is being left in these roots and going into the ground and into the soil.

Once you are grounded and you begin to feel better, you will feel better both in your body and your mind. After you do that, remember that you can go back to where you were and enjoy your time.


An empath will pick up the emotions of the people around him or her and the emotions can be strong. It is important that an empath is able to know if the feelings that they are having is theirs or someone else’s.

Take time to know your emotions and to know your feelings and remember that anytime you have a question, take a few minutes to leave the area, see how your mood changes and then come back.

Being an empath is a gift, but it is important that empaths learn how to handle their emotions so that they can be strong and stable in life.