Candles that Cleanse Energy

Candles that Cleanse Energy

Energy cleansing candles can help you deal with emotional turbulence and just general relaxation. They are thought to encourage internal balance and harmony while also clearing stagnant or negative energies away. An energy cleansing candle is one that uses aromatherapy, color therapy, and the chakra system together to rejuvenate internal life energy, also called Chi.

These candles, all called by different names, chakra, cleansing, or energy cleansing candles. are made with the same underlying science and theories driving the creation. That being said, chakra candles and energy cleansing candles are slightly different which will be later explained. There are many cleansing candles to choose from, but not all are equally created. To get the maximum potential from a cleansing candle, those made from natural waxes, dyes, and aromas are best.

Differences Between Energy Cleaning and Chakra Candles

Typical cleansing candles are usually black or creamy white in color and utilized for general cleansing. Chakra candles come in multiple colors and are for more specific cleansing. Bother promote healing and balance. With six colors to represent the seven chakras, the third eye and throat chakra are often combined because they are represented by a blue and royal blue that are very close in hue. The scents, chakras, and colors are shared below.

  • Crown Chakra – Purple
  • Third Eye and Throat – Blue or Royal Blue
  • Heart Chakra – Green
  • Sacral Chakra – Yellow
  • Solar Plexus – Orange
  • Root Chakra – Red

Color Meanings and Energy Cleansing

  • White – All chakras – Represents peace, purity, and truth. Great for meditation
  • Black – All chakras – Represents overall energy, transition, and rest. Great for protection, clearing negative energy, and ridding yourself of old habits
  • Purple – Crown chakras – Believed to enhance knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. Great for connecting to the inner royal spirit and inspiration
  • Blue – Third eye and throat chakras – Connected to the life purpose and being centered. Great for communication and truth and to rid yourself of doubt, fear, and tension
  • Green – Heart chakras – Associated with compassion, love, and forgiveness, as well as immunity, heart, blood, and endocrine system. Use during emotional instability, addictive behavior, and poor circulation
  • Yellow – Sacral chakras – Associated with learning, wisdom, self-esteem, and control. Use when you need to feel cheerful, inspired, and confident or bring good luck
  • Orange – Solar plexus chakras – Promotes being social, assertive, and outgoing and supports ambition and creativity. Use for abundance, legal matters, emotional healing, and happiness
  • Red – Root chakras – Associated with ambition, action, competitiveness, sexuality, and inner strength. Use when you need grounded, courage, or to be passionate

Candles for Occasions

Choose the following colors for these occasions.

  • Christmas – White, Pink, Purple – White for the birth of Christ, purity, and joy. [ink and purple to complement each other for Advent
  • Chinese New Year – Red – Red for good luck, joy, longevity, and joy
  • Diwali – Blue, Red, Yellows, Green – The festival of lights for Hindus, Buddhas, Sikhs, and Jains
  • Easter – White – Lit at the start of Easter and to 50 days after
  • The Five Wisdom Buddhas – Blue, Green, White, Red, Yellow – Akshobhya, Amoghasiddhi, Center Buddha, Amitabha, and Ratna-sambhava, respectively
  • The Lunar Cycle – The moons influence on energy as it enters various cycles – Beltane: Green, Lammas: Orange and Yellow, Litha: Blue and Green, Mabon: Brown, Orange, Yellow, Ostara: Gold, Yellow, Green, Samhain: Black and Orange

Making Cleansing Candles

To make cleansing candles start by choosing the color and scent associated with what you need to cleanse. Then select relevant dyes, wax, oils, and a candle jar. You will also need something to heat and pour the wax. Mix the oils before adding it to the was to adjust the fragrance strength. Once the candles are ready, do the energy clearing right before the sun sets, according to Feng-Shui.