3 Ways to Create a Meditation Sanctuary in Your Home

Meditation Sanctuary in Your Home

The majority of people who meditate regularly (roughly 76% of respondents from disturbmenot.co), state overall wellness was their driving concern.  There is scientific proof this can be attained through regularly meditating.  Energy levels can increase over 60% and bolster one’s memory and focus by 50%.  It also is influential in decreasing stress and anxiety.  You meditate anywhere, but it is helpful to create a home sanctuary.  Here are three impactful ways you can craft the ideal meditation space in your home starting today.

Select a room that feels peaceful

The best room is one you instant relax upon entering.  Typically, this is a quiet and private space with ample natural light.  Sunlight, helps to enhance positive vibrations.  You can also choose to find a space outdoors, like in your garden or on a deck where you can watch the sunset or enjoy your surrounding without fear or distraction.

Choose soft lighting

Harsh light can be overtaxing to your brain, therefore try to mimic natural light as much as possible.  You choose gentle wattage bulb for indoor lamps, or hang curtains to help filter intense sunlight in your chosen room.  Another helpful option is to light candles, either unscented or lightly scented to enhance your experience.

Bring the outside, in

Plants do wonders to improve our mental and physical wellbeing.  Select plants like jasmine or lavender for a calming aroma.  Decorate your space with seashells, driftwood and produce.  You may opt to include water elements to calm your brain and transport you to a natural oasis.

Creating a serene environment to relax and revitalize your spirit is easier than you may expect.  Notice where you feel most grounded and decorate to heighten your enjoyable and ability to become more tranquil.  Make it a personal experience, full of personal touches of things that bring your joy and peace.  The ideal sanctuary is one you feel you can be your most authentic self and radiates positivity.